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Framework for producing one-page client websites (no server)

A static file compiler for super-thick clients that do not care about server-side stuff

Currently compiles

- jade
- handlebars
- less
- stylus

Plans to support as much as possible from the node ecosystem

npm install -g thick

or in your local directory (be sure to add node_modules/.bin to your $PATH)

npm install thick
$ mkdir project
$ cd project
$ mkdir site
$ echo 'div.test' > ./site/index.jade
$ thick

Server will be listening for changes and compiling on the fly (on port 8888 by default).
Navigate with your browser to http://localhost:8888/ and see the rendered index.html

You can build all your files by running

$ thick -b

Other options below:

  Usage: thick [options] [dir]
    -h, --help           output usage information
    -V, --version        output the version number
    -o, --out <dir>      output of the compiled files [./out]
    -d, --dev <boolean>  dev mode (debug & log) [true] 
    -c, --config <file>  specifies a config file to use [./thick.js]
    -p, --port <port>    specify test server port [8125]
    -w, --write          compile files to out directory [false]
    -b, --build          compiles all files to out dir before anything [false]
    -e, --exit           exits right after building (no server) [false]
use thick to serve jade,less, and other template files and compile them on the fly
you can pass more options by creating a local ./thick.js file
config options are overwritten by command-line options
    # create test server and begin watching local dir for changes
    $ thick ./
    (note that you do not have to specify the local directoy)
    # write files in ./out on change (directory must exist)
    $ thick -o ./out -c ./
    # compile all files in ./out and exit
    $ thick -o ./out -be