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    There and Back Again

    Two-way literate programming between markdown and json config files.

    While it's true actual JSON can't have comments, the JSON config files used by editors like Sublime and Visual Code allow them.

    Getting started

    Imagine you have an existing configuration file named settings.json.

    You can initialize a markdown file that'll contain settings.json as follows:

    create-markdown-from-config --config-file settings.json

    Now you'll have a file named that has a single triple-fenced block of code in it.

    This block of code will contain the entire contents of settings.json.

    You should check both files into version control.

    Updates to your config file

    Next up, you edit settings.json for whatever reason within Sublime or Visual Code.

    You can (and should) keep in sync as follows:

    update-markdown-from-config --markdown-file --config-file settings.json

    Updates to your markdown file

    Until now, your markdown file has contained a single triple-fenced block of your config.

    You can fire up your favorite editor and break this into several smaller code blocks providing some description for each block.

    Next, you can extract the distinct code blocks you just created back to the config:

    extract-config-from-markdown --markdown-file --config-file settings.json

    The cycle continues

    You can continue to modify either the config or the markdown and use these two commands extract-config-from-markdown and update-markdown-from-config to go back and forth.

    Your config will remain machine/program readable and usable, while your markdown can be shared with your friends.


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