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    • Multiple themes supported via custom variables.
    • Generating themes via webpack.
    • Themes switch without page reload.
    • Supported formats: css, less, postcss, sass.


    In the new version themes-switch replaces extract-text-webpack-plugin with mini-css-extract-plugin, and upgrade peerDependency to Webpack 4.3.x. Now the option themesLoader is deprecated. If you are using Webpack 3.x and extract-text-webpack-plugin, view the docs here.

    importAfterVariables has been removed, and the plugin will automatically recognize this. ignoredFilesInThemesDir is a new option to ignore files in the theme directory. usePureCSS is a new option to declare whether to use pure CSS only.


    npm install themes-switch --save


    • Config themes-switch in webpack.config.js, and put MiniCssExtractPlugin.loader in your less/sass/postcss/css loaders.
    const ThemesGeneratorPlugin = require('themes-switch/ThemesGeneratorPlugin');
    const MiniCssExtractPlugin = require('mini-css-extract-plugin');
    module.exports = {
      entry: {
        main: './src/main.js'
      output: {
        filename: '[name]-[hash].js',
        chunkFilename: '[name]-[hash].js',
        path: `${__dirname}/build`,
        publicPath: ''
      module: {
        rules: [
          // ...
            test: /\.(less|css)$/,
            use: [MiniCssExtractPlugin.loader, 'css-loader', 'less-loader']
      plugins: [
        new ThemesGeneratorPlugin({
          srcDir: 'src',
          themesDir: 'src/assets/themes',
          outputDir: 'static/css',
          defaultStyleName: 'default.less'
    • Create following directory for themes, and set it to option themesDir:
      - themes
        - dark.less
        - default.less
        - light.less
    • Import your default theme into default.less:
    @import 'light.less';
    • Specify theme variables:
    @color-main: #222A42;
    @color-text: #FFF;

    When you use sass, you should add default flag to default theme variables, such as $color-main: #0A6EFA !default;.

    • Import default.less when you use theme variables:
    @import 'default.less';
    .main {
      background: @color-main;
    • ThemesGeneratorPlugin scans files in themesDir and files that import default.less, then generates separated files for all themes automatically.

    • You can access the themes info via process.themes in your code, value such as { 'theme-dark': 'css/dark.css', 'theme-light': 'css/light.css' }.

    • Call changeTheme method to switch to new theme by pass theme name and url.

    Switch themes in your code

    import { changeTheme } from 'themes-switch';
    // ...
    changeTheme('themes-dark', 'css/themes-dark.css');
    // ...


    Name Description Type Default Value
    srcDir Souce code directory {String}
    themesDir Directory of themes {String}
    outputDir Directory of generated files {String}
    defaultStyleName File name of default style, specify it when you use different style formats {String} default
    clearTemp Delete temp directory when webpack was done {Boolean} true
    disable Disable the plugin {Boolean} false
    useStaticThemeName Whether to add random number to file names of themes {Boolean} false
    ignoredFilesInThemesDir Files that will be ignored in themes directory {String}
    usePureCSS If you only use pure CSS, you need to explicitly declare {Boolean} false



    • theme: new theme name, such as theme-dark.
    • themeUrl: new theme url, such as css/dark.css. You can get the value from process.themes
    • onLoad: callback when new link was loaded.


    It will delete temp directory. You can call the method as needed, e.g. when you stop webpack-dev-server in development mode.


    npm i themes-switch

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