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The Lounge

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The Lounge is a modern web IRC client designed for self-hosting.

To learn more about configuration, usage and features of The Lounge, take a look at the website.

The Lounge is the official and community-managed fork of Shout, by Mattias Erming.

Installation and usage

The Lounge requires Node.js v4 or more recent.

Running stable releases from npm (recommended)

Run this in a terminal to install (or upgrade) the latest stable release from npm:

[sudo] npm install -g thelounge

When installation is complete, run:

lounge start

For more information, read the documentation, wiki, or run:

lounge --help

Running from source

The following commands install and run the development version of The Lounge:

git clone
cd lounge
npm install
NODE_ENV=production npm run build
npm start

When installed like this, npm doesn't create a lounge executable. Use npm start -- <command> to run subcommands.

⚠️ While it is the most recent codebase, this is not production-ready! Run at your own risk. It is also not recommended to run this as root.

Development setup

Simply follow the instructions to run The Lounge from source above, on your own fork.

Before submitting any change, make sure to:

  • Read the Contributing instructions
  • Run npm test to execute linters and test suite
  • Run npm run build if you change or add anything in client/js/libs or client/views