Tester for METU CENG's Take Home Exam 1


This application requires node.js for working so you must install node.js firstly. ###WINDOWS AND MAC OS X Download installer from and install it ###UBUNTU Run following codes via terminal

sudo apt-get install nodejs
sudo ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

For more information look

run following code


sudo npm install the1-tester -g


npm install the1-tester -g


the1tester -s

This code builds 'the1.c' and tests for default 100 inputs.

USAGE: the1tester [OPTIONS] , where
  -c, --code <arg>              The1 source code
  -g, --generate <arg>          Generate new <arg> inputs for testing
  -s, --save                    Save log file
  -t, --tcc                     Force to use tcc instead of gcc on Windows
  -e, --exec <arg>              Use executable file without building source code

#EXAMPLE USAGES creates 250 new inputs for testing and saves log file:

the1tester -g 250

builds mycode.c instead of the1.c and creates 200 inputs

the1tester -c path/to/mycode.c -g 200

run tests using 'xyz' or 'xyz.exe' executable files without build a source code

    the1tester -e path/to/xyz -s
    the1tester -e path/to/xyz.exe -s