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The Vision

The front end framework for an Indix experience

All Indix apps need to provide consistent experience for users from a branding, look and feel. To accomplish this, developers need a framework that can be used across the company.

Style Guide

This is the visual guide to all experiences.

Using components from The Vision project

Visit for documentation on how to use the components in the framework.

Dev setup to run the project locally

Basic Setup

  1. Checkout the code.
  2. Run sh
  • Sets up git hooks
    • pre-commit runs the build and adds it before/for every commit
  • Runs nvm use to switch to the right node version.
  • Runs npm install to install all the dependencies. This may take a while.
  1. Run bundle install to install a few dev-dependencies (Middleman).
    If the previous step fails, install the correct version of ruby. We suggest using rvm gemsets.

Starting Development

  1. Fire up using middleman server.
  2. Open localhost:4561 to view the app.
  3. Changes to the source code auto-refreshes the browser.
  4. In a parallel window, run npm run develop to run webpack in watch mode. This bundles the js file.

Publish a new component

  • Add tests
  • Add docs
  • Update version
  • Send a PR

Update the webpage

Run npm run publish-page -- "<commit msg>" to push the static files to gh-pages branch.


npm i the-vision

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