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Install CLI packages if you have not

$ npm i yarn pon pm2 -g

Then, install dependencies and build the project

$ yarn install
$ yarn prepare


Starting dev server

# Start server and watch files to compile 
pon d


# Start app on production 
pon production


Managing Docker Infra

To show available commands,

pon -l | grep docker

Restarting Server

pon stop
pon start

Or, just

pon restart

Project Structure

Directory structure of this project

Directory Path Description
assets Static file directory
bin Executable files
client Client side scripts
client/client RPC Client
client/scenes Client logic without ui
client/shim Generated shim files
client/store Client side data store
client/test Client tests
client/ui User interfaces
conf Configuration of project
doc Documents
doc/guides Guides for README
misc Misc scripts
public Public directory to serve static files. Auto-generated
server Server side files
server/controllers Controller classes to handle RPC
server/db Database modules
server/env Env dependant variables
server/server HTTP Server module
server/test Server tests
test Project tests
tmp Temporary files. Can be deleted anytime.
var Var files


This software is released under the Apache-2.0 License.