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Demo site of the-framework

Table of Contents


This project requires:


Install CLI packages if you have not

# Install global dependencies 
npm i -g yarn pon pm2 jsdoc mocha

Then, install dependencies and build the project

# Install dependencies 
yarn install
# Prepare project (Start up docker, create db, compile files, .etc) 
pon prepare


Starting Development Server

# Start server and watch files to compile 
pon debug  # Or just `pon d` 

Open Project In Browser

# This will the open in your browser 
open open  # Or just `pon o` 


Setup Server (Ubuntu)

Execute ./misc/setup/ to install softwares like git, node, nginx, etc.

Setup App

# Setup env 
export NODE_ENV=production
# Where you checkout the project 
cd /opt/apps/the-demo-site
# Install dependencies and run prepare scripts 
yarn install
# Interactive shell to configure local values 
pon setting
# Start production server 
pon production

Configure Reverse Proxy

# Setup cert files for https 
# Apply https setting for nginx 
# Configure cert renew with cron 

Running Tasks

This project uses Pon as a task runner.

Just pass task name to run.

pon <taskName>

Available Tasks

TaskName Description Command
assert:not-prod Make sure that not production pon assert:not-prod
assets Run all assets tasks pon assets
assets:install Install asset files pon assets:install
assets:markdown Render markdown assets pon assets:markdown
b Shortcut for build task pon b
build Build all pon build
c Shortcut for clean task pon c
clean Clean all pon clean
clean:cache Cleanup cache files pon clean:cache
clean:public Cleanup public files pon clean:public
clean:shim Cleanup shim files pon clean:shim
d Shortcut for debug task pon d
db Prepare DB pon db
db:cli Open database cli pon db:cli
db:drop Drop database pon db:drop
db:dump Dump data pon db:dump
db:load Load data from dum pon db:load
db:migrate Migrate data pon db:migrate
db:reset Drop and setup database again pon db:reset
db:seed Generate test data pon db:seed
db:setup Setup database pon db:setup
debug Start debugging pon debug
debug:server Run server for debug pon debug:server
debug:watch Watch files for debug pon debug:watch
default Default for pon command pon default
deploy Deploy project on production pon deploy
doc Generate docs pon doc
doc:pondoc Generate pondoc file pon doc:pondoc
docker Setup docker infra pon docker
docker:mysql Prepare mysql docker container pon docker:mysql
docker:nginx Prepare nginx docker container pon docker:nginx
docker:redis Prepare redis docker container pon docker:redis
ds Shortcut for debug:server task pon ds
env:debug Set env variables for debug pon env:debug
env:prod Set env variables for production pon env:prod
env:test Set env variables for test pon env:test
f Shortcut for format task pon f
format Format source codes pon format
format:client Format client files pon format:client
format:conf Format conf files pon format:conf
format:json Format json files pon format:json
format:server Format server files pon format:server
git:catchup Catch up to latest git pon git:catchup
icon:generate Generate icons pon icon:generate
l Shortcut for lint task pon l
lint Lint all pon lint
lint:loc Validate locales pon lint:loc
loc:print Print locale settings pon loc:print
local:print Print local settings pon local:print
logs Show app daemon logs pon logs
maint:off Disable maintenance mode pon maint:off
maint:on Enable maintenance mode pon maint:on
o Shortcut for open task pon o
open Open project pon open
open:app Open app in browser pon open:app
p Shortcut for prod task pon p
pkg:fix Fix package.json pon pkg:fix
pkg:install Install packages pon pkg:install
pkg:link Link self packages pon pkg:link
pm2:app Run app with pm2 pon pm2:app
pm2:backup:dump Run backup cron with pm2 pon pm2:backup:dump
prepare Prepare project pon prepare
prod Prepare and start on production pon prod
prod:compile Compile files for production pon prod:compile
prod:css Compile css files for production pon prod:css
prod:db Prepare database for production pon prod:db
prod:js Compile js files for production pon prod:js
prod:map Delete source map files for production pon prod:map
ps:debug Check another process exists pon ps:debug
restart Restart app as daemon pon restart
secret:dec Decrypt secret file pon secret:dec
secret:enc Encrypt secret file pon secret:enc
setting Update project settings with interactive shell pon setting
show Show app daemon status pon show
start Start app as daemon pon start
stop Stop app as daemon pon stop
struct Run all struct tasks pon struct
struct:chmod Change file permissions pon struct:chmod
struct:compile Compile files pon struct:compile
struct:cp Execute file copy pon struct:cp
struct:mkdir Generate project directories pon struct:mkdir
struct:pkg Prepare sub packages pon struct:pkg
struct:render Render coz templates pon struct:render
t Shortcut for test task pon t
test Run all tess pon test
test:client Run client tests pon test:client
test:server Run server tests pon test:server
ui Run all ui tasks pon ui
ui:browser Bundle browser script pon ui:browser
ui:browser-external Bundle external browser script pon ui:browser-external
ui:css Compile stylesheets pon ui:css
ui:css/watch Run css watch pon ui:css/watch
ui:map Extract map files pon ui:map
ui:react Compile react components pon ui:react
w Shortcut for watch task pon w
watch Run watches pon watch

For more information, try pon -l


Database Resource

Console to database

pon db:cli

In the console, you can access database resources via ClayResource class

Terminal Example

Welcome to the-db prompt!
DB Env: { dialect: 'mysql', host: 'localhost', port: '6002', database: 'thedemosite_dev', username: 'thedemosite_dev', root_username: 'root', hooks: null }
DB Resources: [ 'TheDBSchema''TheDBLog''Alias''History''Profile''Role''Sign''User' ]
the-db> User.count()  # Evaluate One-line Javascript in the terminal 
the-db> (await User.first()).name  # Using async interface 

Trouble Shooting

First Things You Try

When something goes funny, first thing you do clean build

# Clean up files and build again (aka. `pon c b`) 
pon clean build

Docker Containers Seam to Be Dead

To Re-create docker containers,

# Remove docker containers and restart again 
pon docker:*/remove docker


Provided Urls

  • /about/app
  • /about/privacy-policy
  • /about/terms-of-use
  • /account/mypage
  • /account/password
  • /account/profile
  • /account/quit
  • /account/recover/reset
  • /account/recover/send
  • /account/verify/confirm
  • /admin
  • /admin/users
  • /a/:key
  • /build/bundle.css
  • /css/fontawesome-all.css
  • /css/normalize.css
  • /css/theme.css
  • /errors/forbidden
  • /errors/not-found
  • /images/app-icon.png
  • /build/bundle.js
  • /build/external-bundle.js
  • /the-demo-site-8.1.3.css
  • /the-demo-site-8.1.3.js
  • /sign/please
  • /sign/signin
  • /sign/signout
  • /sign/signup
  • /

Project Structure

Directory structure of this project

Directory Path Description
assets Static file directory
bin Executable files
client Client side scripts
client/client RPC Client
client/scenes Client logic without ui
client/shim Generated shim files
client/store Client side data store
client/test Client tests
client/ui User interfaces
conf Configuration of project
doc Documents
doc/guides Guides for README
misc Misc files
public Public directory to serve static files. Auto-generated
server Server side scripts
server/controllers Controller classes to handle RPC
server/db Database modules
server/env Env dependant variables
server/server HTTP Server modules
server/services Database access wrappers
server/test Server tests
test Project tests
tmp Temporary files. Can be deleted anytime.
var Var files

What is .*.bud Files?

This project contains a lot of .*.bud files, which is used by coz file generator. Bud file tells coz to how files should to generate, like path,tmpl,data,mode, etc.

Configuring Secret Values

Secret values are stored in secrets.json These values can be encoded/decoded by pon tasks

# Decode values inside secrets.json 
pon secret:dec
# Encode values inside secrets.json 
pon secret:enc


This software is released under the Apache-2.0 License.