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Thalassa Crowsnest

Crowsnest is a realtime dashboard for Thalassa.


npm install thalassa-crowsnest


The easiest way to run Crowsnest at this point is with the bin script from the command line. Crowsnest is exposed as a module and can be used as such in your own application but you should have a close look at how the SockJS connection is configured.



./node_modules/.bin/thalassa-crowsnest --h
  --host             host to bind to              [default: ""]
  --port             port to bind to              [default: 8080]
  --thalassaHost     host of the Thalassa server  [default: ""]
  --thalassaPort     port of the Thalassa server  [default: 5001]
  --thalassaApiPort  port of the Thalassa server  [default: 9000]
  --dbPath           filesystem path for leveldb  [default: "./node_modules/thalassa-crowsnest/bin/db"]
  --debug            enabled debug logging

Known Limitations and Roadmap

Thalassa currently doesn't implement any type of authentication or authorization and at this point expects to be running on a trusted private network. This will be addressed in the future. Ultimately auth should be extensible and customizable. Suggestions and pull requests welcome!


Licensed under Apache 2.0. See LICENSE file.