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    Node CLI for Azure DevOps

    NOTE: If you are looking for the new Azure DevOps CLI, see vsts-cli

    NPM version

    Command utility for interacting with Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Azure DevOps Services (formerly VSTS). It is cross platform and supported on Windows, OS X, and Linux.


    First, download and install Node.js 4.0.x or later and NPM (included with the installer)


    sudo npm install -g tfx-cli


    npm install -g tfx-cli


    To see a list of commands:


    For help with an individual command:

    tfx <command> --help

    Help info is dynamically generated, so it should always be the most up-to-date authority.

    Command sets

    • tfx build (builds): Queue, view, and get details for builds
    • tfx build tasks (build tasks): Create, list, upload and delete build tasks
    • tfx extension (extensions): Package, manage, publish Team Foundation Server / Azure DevOps extensions
    • tfx workitem (work items): Create, query and view work items.


    To avoid providing credentials with every command, you can login once. Currently supported credential types: Personal Access Tokens and basic auth credentials.

    NTLM support is under consideration

    Warning! Using this feature will store your login credentials on disk in plain text.

    Personal access token

    Start by creating a personal access token and paste it into the login command.

    ~$ tfx login
    Copyright Microsoft Corporation
    > Service URL: {url}
    > Personal access token: xxxxxxxxxxxx
    Logged in successfully

    Examples of valid URLs are:


    Basic auth

    You can alternatively use basic auth by passing --auth-type basic (see Configuring Basic Auth).

    Settings cache

    To avoid providing other options in every command, you can save options out to a settings file by adding the --save flag.

    ~$ tfx build list --project MyProject --definition-name println --top 5 --save
    id              : 1
    definition name : TestDefinition
    requested by    : Teddy Ward
    status          : NotStarted
    queue time      : Fri Aug 21 2015 15:07:49 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
    ~$ tfx build list
    Copyright Microsoft Corporation
    id              : 1
    definition name : TestDefinition
    requested by    : Teddy Ward
    status          : NotStarted
    queue time      : Fri Aug 21 2015 15:07:49 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)

    If you used --save to set a default value for an option, you may need to override it by explicitly providing the option with a different value. You can clear any saved settings by running tfx reset.


    To see detailed tracing output, you can set a value for the TFX_TRACE environment value and then run commands. That may offer a clue into the problem (and will certainly help if logging an issue).


    export TFX_TRACE=1


    set TFX_TRACE=1




    We take contributions and fixes via Pull Request. Read here for the details.

    Code of Conduct

    This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact with any additional questions or comments.




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