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Send emails using mailgun and plain text templates


$ npm install textmail


First create a mailer with some configuration:

var TextMail = require('textmail');
var mailer = TextMail({
    // mailgun domain here 
    // mailgun key here 
    // the folder your templates live 
    // some base variables 

Now you have a mailer - you can create 'emails' - these are functions that can be run to send the content to a recipient.

// create an email object that will render 'contact.txt' and  
// send it to 3 people with 'Contact Form Submission' as the subject 
var contact = mailer.create('/contact.ejs', 'Contact Form Submission', [
app.use('/contactsubmit', function(req, res){
    var data = {
        'title':'Contact page'
    data.timestamp = new Date().getTime();
    contact(, data, function(error){
        console.log('emails sent');

The templates are ejs files - this means you can pass data from the vars:

This is an email template for <%= title %>
It can also access root vars: <%= num %>



Create a new mailer with the following options:

  • domain - your mailgun account domain
  • key - your mailgun account key
  • template_root - the folder to search for templates
  • vars - vars to render for every template

var email = mailer.create(template, subject, to_emails)

Create a new email that will be sent to each email in the to_emails array.

The template can be a path relative to the 'template_root' or can be a full path.

The template is rendered using ejs.

email(from_address, vars, callback)

Send the email by running it as a function passing the from address and the extra variables to render into the template

email(from_address, to, vars, callback)

Add an extra email (or array of emails) to the list of address the email is sent to