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Text Marshal

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Text Marshal is used to format text according to the assigned patterns.


The main purpose of the package is to pattern format the input text while typing (in real-time). The key features for this package is listed below

  • Text format itself as per the assigned pattern e.g. date format, card format, etc
  • Define Infinite text pattern
  • Disallow Character


We can install the package by executing the below command in the terminal:

> npm i text-marshal

Package usage

To use this package, we can import it as below

import { textMarshal } from "text-marshal";

To get started, we can write the textMarshal function as below.

    input: "4242424242424242",
    template: "xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx",

The above code output in the browser as below:

// output:
 template: "xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx",
 plaintext: "4242424242424242",
 marshaltext: "4242 4242 4242 4242"

The textMarshal function accepts JSON objects as input. In the JSON object, we have the option to pass the following parameters:

  • input: It is the user's input text that we need to format.
  • template: It is the defined pattern that the input text needs to match
  • disallowCharacters: It is an array of characters that should be disallowed from the output text
  • isRepeat.value: Bool that triggers the infinite pattern
  • isRepeat.removeStart: Remove the start character e.g. space, dot, etc
  • isRepeat.removeEnd: Remove the end character e.g. space, dot, etc

The output of the textMarshal function is the JSON object. The JSON object output the parameters as below

  • template: It defines the text pattern of the output marshaltext.
  • plaintext: It is the text without formating.
  • marshaltext: The format text output of the input text.

With the textMarshal function, we can also define the infinite patterns. To understand it, we can write the below code.

    input: "1.s23456789",
    template: "xx.",
    disallowCharacters: [".", "s"],
    isRepeat: {
      value: true,
      removeStart: true,
      removeEnd: true,

The output of the above code is shown below:

// output:
 template: "xx.xx.xx.xx.x",
 plaintext: "123456789",
 marshaltext: ""

You can use this plugin to auto-format the input text while typing. For that, we can define the Card Number input in HTML as below.

<div class="input">
  <label for="cardnumber">Enter Card Number</label>

    class="headline headline__text"
    data-pattern="xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx"

By using the textMarshal function, we can automatically format the input text to match the assigned pattern.

const cardnumber = document.getElementById("cardnumber");

cardnumber.oninput = function (e) {
  let data = textMarshal({
    input: e.target.value,
    template: cardnumber.getAttribute("data-pattern"),
    disallowCharacters: [/[a-z]/],

  cardnumber.value = data.marshaltext;



Text Marshal is licensed under the MIT license

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