Texas Hold'em hand evaluator for node.js.


Texas is a library to provide 5 to 7 card hands evaluation for Texas Hold'em on node.js. It uses the look-up table method created by users of the Two Plus Two forum.

npm install texas

The following example generates a random hand and evaluates it:

var _ = require('underscore');
var texas = require('texas');
var hand = _.first(texas.deck(), 7);
console.log(_.map(hand, texas.abbr));

Which will output something like:

[ '5h', '3s', '4d', '7s', '5d', 'Jd', '6d' ]
{ name: 'Straight', value: 20483 }
> texas.extended(3)
'Two of Hearts'
> texas.abbr(15)
> texas.unicode(42)

A benchmark function is included in the library. It evaluates every possible 7 card hands.

> texas.benchmark()
Invalid: 0
High Card: 23294460
One Pair: 58627800
Two Pairs: 31433400
Three of a Kind: 6461620
Straight: 6180020
Flush: 4047644
Full House: 3473184
Four of a Kind: 224848
Straight Flush: 41584
Total: 133784560
891ms // On a Mid 2011 13" MacBook Air