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Testly is a testing library built for simplicity and usefulness.

Testly for NodeJS

Testly is an agile and polyglot testing framework. This is the NodeJS implementation.

Here is a basic example:

module.exports = function (suite) {
    var i = 0;"Basic");
    suite.init(function () {
    suite.define("Passing Test", function (test) {
        test.assert(== 1);
    suite.define("Failing Test", function (test) {
        test.shouldFail(function () {
    suite.define("Assertion Test", function (test) {
        test.assert(5 == 5);
        test.assert("Hello" == "Hello");
        test.assert("Go" != "No");
        test.assert("LOL".toLowerCase() == "lol");

A suite is a set of tests. Each file where tests are is a separate suite.

  • name: Gets/Sets the name of the suite
  • init: Pass a function to this function and it will be run before any tests are executed.
  • define: Defines a new test - args: String, Function

The test object is passed to each test function as a utility belt :)

  • assert: Asserts that the input is true
  • shouldFail: Assertions or Errors are ignored in functions passed to it
  • fail: Fails the Test
  • exec: Executes a process - (uses shelljs's exec function)
  • shell: shelljs shorthand
  • log: String passed to this function will be recorded in the test reports

test.assert is a function that can be used like normal test assertions.

test.assert also adds the assert module's functions onto it, so it can be used like:

test.assert.equal(5, 5);

Please file any bugs on the GitHub Issue Tracker.