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testlingify build status

Adds github hooks and browser config for testling.

Heavily inspired by travisify.


npm install -g testlingify


The very first time you run testlingify it will create a default config for you and ask you to fill in your github username and password by editing the generated config.

We recommend that instead of using passwords you use the Personal Access Token feature of GitHub along with Two Factor Authentication. You can enter in an access token in place of a password when using testlingify. Make sure to enable the write:repo_hook scope option when creating the access token.

Assuming we did that and are now in the local repository of the project

➝  testlingify
info testlingify Adding testling config to your package and creating testling hook on your github repository
info testlingify Loaded testlingify config from /Users/thlorenz/.config/testlingify.js
info testlingify Successfully set testling property in package.json.
info testlingify Successfully created testling hook for thlorenz/foo as thlorenz
➝  testlingify test
info testlingify Testing testling hook on your github repository
info testlingify Loaded testlingify config from /Users/thlorenz/.config/testlingify.js
info testlingify Successfully pushed to testling hook for thlorenz/foo
➝  testlingify badge
[![testling badge](](



Adds a github hook for testling and adds the default testling config to the package.json

You can override the default testling config by editing ~/.config/testlingify.js.

You can inspect the added hook inside your project settings under WebHook URLs.

testlingify test

Triggers the testling hook to be tested which is the same as clicking the Test Hook button in the WebHook Urls screen.

testlingify badge

Returns the markdown for your testling badge that you can include in your readme.