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    Testister is a command line test tool for testing AMD javascript modules in headless and web browsers. Testisters goal is to create unit test for javascript that can be added to a continious delivery process But also is straight forward and easy to use in the development phase.

    Testister is driven by Nodejs and uses PhantomJs as a headless browser. It uses RequireJS as module loader, Mocka as javascript test runner, Chai as it´s assert library and Sinon as it´s mock library. It also uses Express to expose test resources to browser.

    Basic consepts

    The basic concept of the tool is to point out a the main directory containing the AMD modules, and a test directory containing test or spec written in AMD styling. And then run testister from command line.

    When running testister.

    1. It collects all testsuit files.
    2. Generate a corresponding html to be able to run the test in a browser
    3. Starts a http server on localhost and expose the test html files. (the files becomes urls)
    4. Open in sequence each generated test url in a headless browser (PhantomJs).
    5. Log the process of the testsuits in console or/and log-files
    6. Closes the http server
    7. Returns exit code 0 if all test passed (above 0 if the fails)
    8. Leave a test and a error log

    Testister in http server mode

    Testister can also be run in server mode. This start the http server and expose the testsuits url. (http://localhost:/test/). This make the test able to be run in a browser of your choce (FF,safari,ie...) and able to test browser specific funktionallity.





    npm i testister

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