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    Scorer and digester of Testaro reports


    This application enriches Testaro reports. Testaro performs digital accessibility tests on web artifacts and creates reports in JSON format. To make those reports more useful, this application, Testilo, computes scores, converts the scored reports to human-readable web pages (digests), and compiles human-readable web pages comparing the scores of multiple artifacts.


    The dotenv dependency lets you set environment variables in an untracked .env file.


    The routines that perform scoring, digesting, and comparing are procs and are located in the procs directory.

    To score reports, Testilo needs to be told which reports to score and which scoring procedure (or score proc) to use.

    Similarly, once reports have been scored, Testilo can digest them. For this purpose, Testilo needs to be told which scored reports to digest and which digest proc to use.

    Likewise, Testilo can compare scored reports. It needs to be told which reports to compare and which comparison proc to use.

    Testilo includes some score procs, digest procs, and comparison procs. You can add others.




    To score Testaro reports, execute the statement node score procID reportNameStart. Replace (here and below) procID with the base of the name of the score proc. An environment variable named REPORTDIR_RAW defines a directory (i.e. a filesystem path, relative to the project directory of Testilo) where Testilo will look for the raw (i.e. not-yet-scored) reports. If you want Testilo to score all of the reports in that directory, you can omit the reportNameStart argument. If, instead, you want Testilo to score only the reports in that directory whose names begin with a certain string, replace reportNameStart with that string. So, for example, suppose the raw reports are in the reports/raw directory of a project, testing, that sits alongside of Testilo in your filesystem. Then you would assign the value '../testing/reports/raw' to the environment variable REPORTDIR_RAW. Now, to score all of the reports in that directory with score proc sp11a, execute node score sp11a. Or, to score only the reports in that directory whose filenames begin with 4rper, execute node score sp11a 4rper.

    This procedure has two preconditions:

    • The score proc is compatible with the script (or test proc) that produced the report(s).
    • You have defined environment variables REPORTDIR_RAW and (for the scored reports that Testilo will write) REPORTDIR_SCORED.

    The scored report file has the same name as the original. The scored report has the same content as the original, plus new properties named score and scoreProcID.


    The score procs included with Testilo represent milestones in the refinement of a scoring methodology.

    One development has been an expansion of the set of packages. The progression from score proc sp09a to sp10a included the addition of the Tenon package.

    The main development has been a change from package-based to issue-based scoring. With package-based scoring, each package yielded a score, and the scores were summed into a total score. With issue-based scoring, the individual tests in each package are classified into groups, such that the tests from various packages in any particular group all seek to discover approximately the same type of accessibility issue. An artifact gets a score on each group, and the group scores are summed into a total score. The change from package-based to issue-based scoring took place in the progression from score proc sp10a to sp10b.

    The problem of combining partly similar tests from different packages and producing an appropriate accessibility score has no perfect solution, and each successive score proc embodies efforts to make the result more appropriate.


    Testaro reports an error when it is unable to perform a test on a host. A score proc can take such errors into account. The score procs included with Testilo do that by estimating scores when a package cannot be run.


    To make scored Testaro reports more useful for humans, Testilo can create digests of scored reports. A digest is an HTML document (a web page) summarizing and explaining the findings, with the scored report appended to it.

    To make Testilo digest reports, execute the statement node digest procID reportNameStart. The rules for this statement are the same as for the score statement, except that the directory where Testilo finds the reports in the one referenced by the REPORTDIR_SCORED environment variable, and the directory where Testilo will write the digests is the one referenced by REPORTDIR_DIGESTED. In order to make the digests appear correct in a browser, you must copy the reports/digested/style.css file into the REPORTDIR_DIGESTED directory.


    You can use Testilo to publish comparisons of accessibility scores. To do this, execute the statement node compare abc xyz, replacing abc with a filename base for the comparison and xyz with the name of a subdirectory of the procs/compare directory.

    Testilo will examine all of the scored reports in the REPORTDIR_SCORED directory. The comparison proc in the xyz directory will construct a web page. Testilo will save the page in the COMPARISONDIR directory. The name of the file will be abc.html.

    Comparison procs can design various pages on the basis of a set of scored reports. As an example, the cp0 comparison proc creates a page that contains a table of scores, shown both numerically and with a bar graph. In the table, the first column contains descriptions of the pages (the what property of the hosts in the batch), such as “Wikipedia English”. Each such description is a link to the page on the web. The second column contains the scores of the pages. Each score is a link to the digest for its page. The link points to a digest located in a digests directory adjacent to the page itself. Thus, to use the cp0 comparison proc, you would copy its output file to a web server, create a digests directory on the server as a sibling of that file, and copy the digest files into the digests directory.

    This procedure has some preconditions:

    • The comparison proc is compatible with the score proc that scored the report.
    • Testilo can find the scored report files in the directory whose relative path (relative to the project directory of Testilo) is the value of the REPORTDIR_SCORED environment variable.
    • Testilo can read in the REPORTDIR_SCORED directory.
    • There is a COMPARISONDIR environment variable, whose value is the relative path of a directory that Testilo can write to.
    • The procs/compare directory contains a subdirectory named xyz, which in turn contains files named index.html and index.js.
    • You have copied the reports/comparative/style.css file into the COMPARISONDIR directory.


    npm i testilo

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