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Automatic Front-End Testing

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During development, there isn't enough time to write tests, so our only option is manual testing. We don't need a reminder of how inefficient, time-consuming, error-prone and boring that can get. When we get around to writing test-automations, we spend a lot of time writing tests from scratch. However, most of the test-cases for testing web-applications can be automated and reused.

We created Testerbot to automatically test web-applications during the development process via Puppeteer which talks to Headless Google Chrome.

The basic framework is ready and we have implemented a few test-cases, but we need help in adding more reusable test-cases.

Note: I started this project several months ago and built a SaaS product, but realized that an open-source test automation package will help catch issues quickly during development. I recently stumbled upon and created github issues to automate as many of those tests as possible into Testerbot.


npm i testerbot -g


Quick Start

Running testerbot without any arguments defaults to http://localhost:3000


Specify a url via the --url argument

testerbot --url http://localhost:5000

Specify multiple comma seoparated urls via the --urls argument

testerbot --urls http://localhost:5000,http://localhost:5000/toc.html

Here is what the output looks like:

screenshot 2018-01-01 16 18 21

Command Line Options

  Usage: testerbot [options]


    -c, --config <path>  Specify Testerbot Config file
    -d, --dash           Display results in dashboard
    -n, --no-verbose     Hide verbose output (default: true)
    -s, --silent         Hide console output from tests
    -u, --url <url>      Url to run tests against
    -U, --urls <urls>    Url to run tests against
    -v, --version        Output the version number
    -h, --help           output usage information

Configuration File

For better configuration control, you can run Testerbot by providing a config file which allows you to skip or run specific tests.

By default, Testerbot looks for testerbot.config.js in your project root:

// Testerbot Run Configuration

module.exports = [{

  tests: {
    // Test name(s) go here
    // These tests will be skipped
    skip: [
      'Open Graph'

    // Test name(s) go here
    // These are the only tests to be run
    filter: [

You can also specify a path to the config file via:

testerbot --config ./config/testerbot.config.js

Basic Features

  • A comprehensive set of pre-defined test cases
  • Support for multiple URL's in a test run
  • Ability to skip tests or run only specific tests
  • Integrated dashboard
  • Platform and language agnostic
  • Ability to run in CI build process


  • Authentication

  • Custom Scenarios (workflows)

  • Support for filtering and skipping tests by Tags

  • Custom Reporter

  • Automatic Crawling

  • Filling Forms


This is a work-in-progress and we would like your help. Please consider contributing to this project on one of the following:


MIT License


Why does installation fail sometimes with an EACCES error?

This is an npm permissions related issue. You will need to change the directory where npm is installed. You can follow instructions at


npm i testerbot

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