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This is a tiny library that adds .called and .calledWith assertions to chai for use with testdouble.js. These assertions can be used as syntactic sugar over the testdouble.verify function. Here are some examples:


it("can tell you if a testdouble object was called", function() {
  var td = testdouble.function();
  expect(td).to.have.been.called;  // instead of `verify(td)`! 

or with arguments:

it("can tell you if a testdouble object was called a certain way", function() {
  var td = testdouble.function();
  expect(td).to.have.been.calledWith("hi");  // instead of `verify(td("hi"))`! 


After installing the library with npm install --save-dev testdouble-chai, here's how to get chai to know about testdouble-chai:

// at the top of a test file or in a test helper 
var td = require("testdouble");
var chai = require("chai");
var tdChai = require("testdouble-chai");
chai.use(tdChai(td)); // make sure to call tdChai with td to inject the dependency 

And you should be good to go! Check out test/testdouble-chai_test.js for an exhaustive description of how this library behaves.