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    testcafe-browser-natives has been renamed to testcafe-browser-tools, please install the latest version of testcafe-browser-tools


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    TestСafe Browser Natives is a TestCafe library for performing platform-dependent actions on browser windows. Working with browsers is specific for each operating system and requires native code to deal with. Since TestCafe supports painless and simple installation, this package encapsulates pre-built binaries for all supported platforms and JS-wrappers around them. This helps end-users avoid running post-npm-install build actions.

    Build Process

    To build native binaries from source files, execute the gulp task corresponding to your operating system:


    Note that the application for a particular platform must be built on a machine with the same platform.

    The bin directory contains pre-built native binaries. Consider using them if your contribution does not affect the native modules.


    $ npm install testcafe-browser-natives

    API Reference

    Important note: To identify the web browser window, most of the provided functions use its title. This title matches the web page's document.title in most of the browsers. However, Microsoft Edge truncates the window title to the hostname if document.title contains only a URL ( e.g. document.title = 'http://localhost:1337/page' gives localhost in the window title).

    So, you need to add some characters before the URL in order to bring it to the window title:

    document.title = 'title: ' + document.location.toString()

    For API reference, see the API document.


    To run automated tests:

    $ npm test

    Since the module functionality depends on browsers available on a testing machine and you cannot predict expected returned values for some functions, the automated tests cover only a part of the functionality. To test all the functions provided by the module, use the playground. To run it, execute the gulp task corresponding to your operating system:

    $ gulp run-playground-win
    $ gulp run-playground-mac
    $ gulp run-playground-linux

    This will open the Playground web page at http://localhost:1334/, where you can manually check if the functions work correctly.


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    npm i testcafe-browser-natives

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