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    This project, and it's related TestArmada projects, will no longer be supported. No further work from the owners will be done, and no PRs will be reviewed.


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    Admiral2 Reporter Plugin for Magellan

    This is a plugin to allow magellan test runs to report to the Admiral2 dashboard system.

    PLEASE NOTE: v3.0.0 would only be compatible with Magellan v10.0.0 and higher


    Environment Variable Required? Description Example
    ADMIRAL_URL required The URL of the Admiral2 server i.e http://host-where-admiral-lives:3000/
    ADMIRAL_UI_URL required The URL of the Admiral2 UI i.e. http://host-where-admiral-UI-lives.tld
    ADMIRAL_PROJECT required An identifier for a project i.e. main-app, blog, product-page, etc
    ADMIRAL_PHASE required A lifecycle phase or build type descriptor i.e. pr-verify, master-verify, etc
    ADMIRAL_CI_BUILD_URL optional An URL to a CI report for this run
    ADMIRAL_RUN_DISPLAY_NAME optional A description of the build that a given run represents i.e PR #26 - add unit tests
    ADMIRAL_RUN_ID optional A unique identifier to tie together multiple parallel instances of the reporter into a single report a uuid string, i.e. 462E43EA-002B-4F4B-A711-261B9894E4AA
    ADMIRAL_REPORTER_DEBUG optional enable detailed logging for debugging leave undefined or set to 1
    ADMIRAL_LOGIN optional login to make auth request to admiral leave undefined or set to your login
    ADMIRAL_PASSWORD optional password to make auth request to admiral leave undefined or set to your password


    All code not otherwise specified is Copyright Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Released under the Apache2 License.




    npm i testarmada-magellan-admiral2-plugin

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