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    Test-Prepare is a MondoDB test preparer. Is designed to clean and import test fixtures before a test to simulate scenarios and go back to initial stage after test.


    First install node.js and mongodb. Then

    $ npm install test-prepare --save-dev


    Import test-prepare in your test file.

    var prepare = require('test-prepare')({
        mongo_host: 'http://localhost:27017',
        fixtures_path: '/path-to-fixtures',
        verbose: true

    Supported setup options

    • mongo_host: Host address of MongoDB, required
    • mongo_user: User of MongoDB, not required
    • mongo_password: Password of MongoDB, not required
    • fixtures_path: Phisical path of fixtures folder, required. Ex: ${__dirname}/../fixtures
    • verbose: Enable verbose mode. This will log test prepare info and feedbacks about connection and fixtures imports. Default is false.

    Create fixture file

    Inside fixtures folder, create a fixture file that will be imported to the test database.

    • model: Name od MongoDB collection
    • fixtures: Array of data that will be imported

    Example, people.json:

        "model": "People",
        "fixtures": [
                 "name": "Jhon",
                 "age": 31
                 "name": "Michael",
                 "age": 25

    Prepare database before test

    before(function (done) {
        prepare.start(['fixture_file_name_without_extension', 'other_fixture_file_name_without_extension', '...']).then(done);

    So if you want to import your fixture file people.json:

    before(function (done) {

    And importing many fixtures:

    before(function (done) {
        prepare.start(['people', 'cars', 'telephones']).then(done);

    Dropping database after test

    After test you can clean test data ro reset your test scenario. This uill drop test-prepare temporary database.

    after(function (done) {

    Change fixture data before import

    If you want change fixture data before import to the database, you can use the middleware function.

    prepare._importFixture('people', middleware, callback);

    prepare._importFixture('people', function(data) {
        // change fixture data  through middleware then import to the database.
        data.fixtures[0].name = 'Jhon Doe';
        return data;
    .then(() => {
        //.... here on callback, you make your test asserts ...
        var result = example_get_by_name('Jhon Doe');

    Accessing fixture data

    Whenever a fixture is imported, its data is accessible through the fixture_fixtureName property that is exposed in the test-prepare object.

    beforeEach(function (done) {
        prepare.start(['people', 'cars']).then(done);
    it('my test', function(done) {
        var people = prepare.fixture_people;
        var cars   = prepare.fixture_cars;


    npm i test-prepare

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