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Fixtures for your tests.

var fixtures = require("test-fixtures");

fixtures.<ext>.<name> = { path, md5, sha, load() }

  • foundation.css MD5 5f86a1a4c7ae1bea2bf463d959dafccf SHA 85c3c8008a34ddf3b0f684b8217c7f4049544d83
  • foundation_min.css MD5 7314fa647716ee643fea0acf2e2f76fa SHA d9480187aa63ba19e2912161d8f9599dfd427ed9
  • jqueryui.css MD5 dfcf2d9b984ec33bc6bb11e755ca0931 SHA b0e5f0d9fdcc68045d508e5bd17d9dd65e6b0b17
  • jqueryui_min.css MD5 0c923991a9be5b4270d12d91dda7ce05 SHA c2cfbbeb5b100e2d6b8fe2f4375aa5b2b10d5347
  • ember.js MD5 56a94d8b93e7581b17a484ac2601e10f SHA f1f0546527b54489b182397733b2807accb1b18c
  • ember_min.js MD5 b65ddf0e2f7b767dee3bf69d8cba4d34 SHA 70c5289d03682d4c1c50b38c71079f67b419b067
  • jqueryui.js MD5 ec9758d9508e2fd22ddbdc6d5a28f214 SHA 0ed7df6cc32be8f9687cda3cd6e109e5de44339e
  • jqueryui_min.js MD5 fd255415839568e52a48da5de5af244c SHA abd6f85a04584792d77e4791c441ff49e9e28c0d

md5 and shasum were used to calculate the hashes on a Mac. Want more random blobs of text to test with? Submit an issue!

© 2013 Teddy Cross, shared under the MIT License.