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The file include/exclude logic used by nyc and babel-plugin-istanbul.

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const TestExclude = require('test-exclude');
const exclude = new TestExclude();
if (exclude().shouldInstrument('./foo.js')) {
    // let's instrument this file for test coverage!


The test-exclude constructor accepts an options object. The defaults are taken from @istanbuljs/schema.


This is the base directory by which all comparisons are performed. Files outside cwd are not included.

Default: process.cwd()


Array of path globs to be ignored. Note this list does not include node_modules which is added separately. See @istanbuljs/schema/default-excludes.js for default list.


By default node_modules is excluded. Setting this option true allows node_modules to be included.


Array of path globs that can be included. By default this is unrestricted giving a result similar to ['**'] but more optimized.


Array of extensions that can be included. This ensures that nyc only attempts to process files which it might understand. Note use of some formats may require adding parser plugins to your nyc or babel configuration.

Default: ['.js', '.cjs', '.mjs', '.ts', '.tsx', '.jsx']

TestExclude#shouldInstrument(filename): boolean

Test if filename matches the rules of this test-exclude instance.

const exclude = new TestExclude();
exclude.shouldInstrument('index.js'); // true
exclude.shouldInstrument('test.js'); // false
exclude.shouldInstrument('README.md'); // false
exclude.shouldInstrument('node_modules/test-exclude/index.js'); // false

In this example code:

  • index.js is true because it matches the default options.extension list and is not part of the default options.exclude list.
  • test.js is excluded because it matches the default options.exclude list.
  • README.md is not matched by the default options.extension
  • node_modules/test-exclude/index.js is excluded because options.excludeNodeModules is true by default.

TestExculde#globSync(cwd = options.cwd): Array[string]

This synchronously retrieves a list of files within cwd which should be instrumented. Note that setting cwd to a parent of options.cwd is ineffective, this argument can only be used to further restrict the result.

TestExclude#glob(cwd = options.cwd): Promise<Array[string]>

This function does the same as TestExclude#globSync but does so asynchronously. The Promise resolves to an Array of strings.

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