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Minimal BDD test runner that plays along nicely with Browserify.


var spec   = require('buddy')()
var assert = require('assert')
spec('λ compose', function(it) {
  it('compose(f, g)(x) should be the same as f(g(x))', function() {
    assert.strictEqual(f(g(x)), compose(f, g)(x))


$ node run test.js
Success. 1/1 tests.


Just grab it from NPM:

$ npm install test-buddy


A quick reference of the API can be built using Calliope:

$ npm install -g calliope
$ calliope build

A lengthy, narrated documentation is available On the wiki


On Node:

$ npm test

On the browser:

$ npm run test-browser
# Then open the link on any browser

Platform support

This library assumes an ES5 environment, but can be easily supported in ES3 platforms by the use of shims. Just include es5-shim :3

Testling CI tests will fail right now because of, but it works in the browser, you can test it by running the browser test cases.

browser support


MIT/X11. ie.: do whatever you want.