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Small vanilla JavaScript module for gracefully removing floating elements from the page.



  • Install via npm: npm install tessellate-js.
  • Install via Bower: bower install tessellate-js.


When you remove a floated element from the DOM, all the other elements simply occupy the now unallocated space immediately. However, with Tessellate, unallocated space due to removed nodes are occupied gracefully with CSS3 animations.

Getting Started

First you need to create a new instance of Tessellate for each container you want this behaviour on.

var colours     = document.querySelector('section.colours'),
    tessellate  = new Tessellate(colours);

And then whenever you remove an element, tell Tessellate which element you wish to remove, and the module will do the rest for you.


As a side note, it's not necessary to simply remove an element from the DOM ungracefully. You can dim its opacity or any other effect, but at the point of physical removal from the DOM, invoke tessellate.remove.

Sometimes you may wish to reposition the nodes without removing a node – for instance if your node is simply hidden but never removed. For these cases, you can instead invoke tessellate.reposition directly to reposition all nodes.