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Tessel library driver for Digole Serial Display 128x64 OLED

If you run into any issues you can ask for support on the 3rd Party Module Forums.

Hardware Setup

Digole Serial Display module, available in multiple configurations directly from Digole Digole OLED Info


npm install tessel-digole12864


Digole12864.setFont(f,[callback(err)]) - Set text font (f: 0/6/10/18/51/120/123)

Digole12864.character(c,[callback(err)]) - Write character (c) to screen at cursor

Digole12864.string(s,[callback(err)]) - Write string (s) to screen at cursor

Digole12864.stringXY(x,y,s,[callback(err)]) - Write string (s) to screen at (x,y)

Digole12864.setTextPosAbs(x,y,[callback(err)]) - Set text cursor at (x,y)

Digole12864.setTextPosOffset(xoff,yoff,[callback(err)]) - Set text cursor offset (xoff,yoff)

Digole12864.setTextPosBack([callback(err)]) - Reset text offset setting

Digole12864.nextTextLine([callback(err)]) - Start next text draw on new line

Digole12864.drawBox(x,y,w,h,[callback(err)]) - Draw filled rectangle at (x,y) and size (w,h)

Digole12864.drawBoxFrame(x,y,w,h,[callback(err)]) - Draw framed rectangle at (x,y) and size (w,h)

Digole12864.drawCircle(x,y,r,[callback(err)]) - Draw filled circle at (x,y) and radius (r)

Digole12864.drawCircleFrame(x,y,r,[callback(err)]) - Draw framed circle at (x,y) and radius (r)

Digole12864.drawPixel(x,y,[callback(err)]) - Draw pixel at (x,y)

Digole12864.setLinePattern(p,[callback(err)]) - Set drawing line pattern (p: bit field)

Digole12864.setPosition(x,y,[callback(err)]) - Begin line drawing from (x,y)

Digole12864.drawLineTo(x,y,[callback(err)]) - Draw line to (x,y)

Digole12864.drawLine(x,y,x1,y1,[callback(err)]) - Draw line from (x,y) to (x1,y1)

Digole12864.setRotation(r,[callback(err)]) - Set rotation for subsequent draws (0-3: 0/90/180/270 degrees)

Digole12864.setRotation0([callback(err)]) - Set rotation for subsequent draws to 0 degrees

Digole12864.setRotation90([callback(err)]) - Set rotation for subsequent draws to 90 degrees

Digole12864.setRotation180([callback(err)]) - Set rotation for subsequent draws to 180 degrees

Digole12864.setRotation270([callback(err)]) - Set rotation for subsequent draws to 270 degrees

Digole12864.bitmap(x,y,w,h,data,[callback(err)]) - Draw bit map at (x,y) of size (w,h) with data (data)

Digole12864.moveArea(x,y,w,h,xoff,yoff,[callback(err)]) - Move region of screen at (x,y) and size (w,h) by offset (xoff,yoff)

Digole12864.clear([callback(err)]) - Clear screen

Digole12864.setMode(m,[callback(err)]) - Set drawing mode (m: !=nor, ^=xor, &=and, C=copy)


Digole12864.on( 'ready', callback() ) -- Emitted upon initialization.


var tessel = require('tessel');
var digole12864 = require('../').use(tessel.port['D']);
digole12864.on('ready', function(){
    digole12864.string("Hello Tessel!");

Further Examples

  • Bitmap Display. Demonstrates how to display a monochrome bitmap on the Digole display.