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    terrafile is a node.js cli application written in typescript for managing modules for use with Terraform.

    Specify Terraform module locations within a .json file and retrieve the modules to a local directory.

    About The Project

    Terraform Modules

    Terraform is a popular open-source infrastructure as code software tool that enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve infrastructure. Terraform modules are containers for multiple resources that are used together.

    It is possible to publish modules for others to use, and to use modules that others have published via:

    • A local filesystem.
    • A registry: Terraform Registry is an example of a public regsitry that hosts a broad collection of publicly available Terraform modules for configuring many kinds of common infrastructure. Terraform Cloud and Terraform Enterprise both include a private module registry for sharing modules internally within your organization.
    • A git repository: For example GitHub public or private repositories over https or ssh.

    Problems Addressed

    1. DRY: Everywhere that a module is used the source is specified, even if already used elsewhere.
    2. Change management: Managing changes to potentially very many modules throughout the code base can be labor intensive and error prone.

    Solution Approach

    1. Define module dependencies in a single place, a .json file.
    2. Use terrafile to retrieve modules and save them locally where they are committed into the codebase under your version control.
    3. Reference the local versions under version control as the source of modules used in your codebase.


    terrafile can be added as a project dependency:

     npm install --save-dev terrafile

    You may also find it useful to add a script to your package.json for refreshing the locally cached modules:

      "scripts": {
        "terrafile": "terrafile install",

    Alternatively, you could run terrafile via npx without including terrafile as a dependency for your project:

    npx terrafile install

    How to use


    terrafile expects a .json file as input defining module sources. By default, terrafile will use terrafile.json in the current working directory. However, you can specify another location using the -f or --file cli options for the install command.

    terrafile install -f terrafile.sample.json


    terrafile downloads the specified modules to the local filesystem 'cache'. By default modules will be downloaded to vendor/modules/<module-name>. However, you can specify another base directory instead of vendor/modules using the -d or --directory cli options for the install command.

    terrafile install -f terrafile.sample.json -d my_modules

    Example .json module source definition file contents (terrafile.sample.json)

      "test-module": {
        "comment": "Local directory module; source begins with absolute or relative paths ('/' or './' or '../').",
        "source": "./__tests__/modules/test-module"
      "terraform-aws-vpc": {
        "comment": "Terraform Registry Module; if version is not specified, fetches the latest version.",
        "source": "terraform-aws-modules/vpc/aws",
        "version": "2.78.0"
      "terraform-aws-vpc2": {
        "comment": "Git module over HTTPS; if version is not specified, fecthes the default branch. Version can also be a tag or commit SHA.",
        "source": "https://github.com/terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc.git",
        "version": "master"
      "terraform-aws-vpc3": {
        "comment": "Git module over HTTPS using alternative '?ref=' syntax to specify version.",
        "source": "git@github.com:terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc.git?ref=43edd4400e5e596515f8d787603c37e08b99abd5"
      "terraform-aws-vpc4": {
        "comment": "Git module over SSH; note ssh-agent needed with appropriate key.",
        "source": "https://github.com/terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc.git",
        "version": "v2.78.0"
      "terraform-aws-vpc5": {
        "comment": "Specify path to module, e.g. within a Git repo/monorepo containing multiple modules.",
        "source": "git@github.com:terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc.git",
        "path": "/examples/simple-vpc",
        "version": "v2.78.0"
      "terraform-aws-vpc6": {
        "comment": "Specify path to module using alternate path syntax.",
        "source": "git@github.com:terraform-aws-modules/terraform-aws-vpc.git//examples/simple-vpc?ref=v2.78.0"


    Module definitions using Terraform's Module Sources.

    • Mercurial not supported
    • AWS buckets not supported
    • GCS buckets not supproted


    The version can be a tag, a branch or a commit hash. By default, the repository default branch, e.g. main will be used.


    The sub-directory within a specified source repository where module sources are located. Useful for mono-repos with multiple modules in one repository.


    terrafile ignores the comment field.

    Example Usage

    Usage: terrafile --help
    Manage vendored modules using a JSON file.
      -V, --version      Show version information for terrafile
      -h, --help         display help for command
      install [options]  Installs the files in your terrafile.json
      help [command]     display help for command
    Usage: terrafile install --help
    Installs the files in your terrafile.json
      -d, --directory <string>  module directory (default: "vendor/modules")
      -f, --file <string>       config file (default: "terrafile.json")
      -h, --help                display help for command


    This project was inspired by Terraform Design Patterns: the Terrafile.


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