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    Manage your wallet, from the terminal

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    Project page (for screenshots and explanation): terminal-wallet


    Not a long time ago, I used a Google Sheet to manage my wallet, and as a matter of fact, it got tedious soon. Opening the browser, waiting for the page to load, and not being able to update stuff when there's no connectivity, all of that has led me to write this small CLI application, that can be used by anyone to manage their wallet right from the terminal.


    $ npm install --global terminal-wallet
    $ wallet --help
        wallet debit <value> <purchase details> [-c <category>][-d <date in yyyy-mm-dd format>]
        wallet credit <value> <source details> [-c <category>][-d <date in yyyy-mm-dd format>]
        wallet export
        wallet clear
        wallet debit 10 'Breakfast, Coffee at Canteen' -c 'Food'
        ✔ Expense written to file!
        wallet credit 2000 'Salary for July 2015' -c 'Salary'
        ✔ Expense written to file!
        wallet export
        ✔ Your file can be found at
        wallet clear
        ✔ Account closed. Expense details have been exported to :-
        Prepared a clean slate, for the next accounting period.
        wallet-open # or just wo
          This will open the wallet csv file in a less session, in a
          in a reverse chronographic order, which is convenient for viewing
          latest transactions
        -c Category   ; Default: ''          ; Optional
        -d yyyy-mm-dd ; Default: Today's date; Optional


    wallet debit <value> <purchase details> [-c <category>] [-d date]

    Made a purchase of <value> for <purchase details> under the category <category>
    Add a debit entry to your account book. Date can be written as, yesterday, day before yesterday, etc. Check this list for supported date phrases.

    wallet credit <value> <source details> [-c <category>]

    <value> credited to the wallet from <source details> under the category <category>
    Add a credit entry to your account book.

    wallet export

    Export the current state of your account book to a timestamped file.
    (Path to the file will be printed when the command completes execution)

    wallet clear

    Close the account for the last period, and start with a clean slate.
    The expenses will be exported to a timestamped file, and can be retrieved. (Typically, This operation can be used at the end of each month, or any period that is convenient for the user.)

    wallet stash <value>

    Remove money from wallet and stash it for later use.

    wallet unstash <value>

    Withdraw money from your stash, and credit it to the wallet.

    wallet file_path

    The filepath of the CSV file in which all the expenses are being stored.

    wallet-open or just wo

    Open the CSV file where everything is stored in a reverse chronological order which is convenient for viewing latest credit / debit transactions.


    MIT © Siddharth Kannan


    npm i terminal-wallet

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