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termcoin bitcoin wallet and blockchain explorer for your terminal, written for node.js

termcoin's UI is rendered by blessed which is a full ncurses replacement and high-level widget library. Expect mouse support, eye-candy hover effects, and so-on.

termcoin's bitcoin implementation is now based on BCoin which fully implements BIP-37's description of bloom filters. This basically means you don't have to download the entire blockchain to use your wallet. You ask for and store only the transactions relevant to you (broadcasted in your bloom filter), while at the same time being able to verify the merkleroot of blocks.

The blockchain explorer currently uses the blockchain.info json api as a backend. In the future, termcoin will leave an option for the user to download the entire blockchain in the background (using bcoin - out of sheer obsession, I implemented the original satoshi protocol in bcoin), which means you will be able to explore the blockchain on your local disk instead of waiting for api calls to return.

For data management, termcoin uses tiny as the database necessary to store the (small) blockchain data and transactions relevant to your account.

BCoin was conceived brilliantly, and Fedor Indunty also went to the trouble of writing an ecdsa and bignumber library in pure javascript to supplement BCoin.

With all this being said, it's worth pointing out that termcoin is written entirely in pure javascript.

All of this means:

  • No compiling a database binding
  • No compiling a binding to an ecdsa library
  • No linking to ncurses
  • No running a bitcoin rpc server in the background
  • No downloading a 20gb blockchain
  • Just use your wallet and enjoy!

Termcoin uses a basic JSON wallet format with private keys that are compatible with bitcoind's importprivkey/dumpprivkey (128-prefixed+checksumed+base58) keys. (It also supports AES-CBC encryption for your private keys, just like the official bitcoin client).

NOTE: Termcoin used to use bitcoind/litecoind/etc as a backend. This backend is still supported for other currencies. It's just not as featureful due to limitations in the [coin]d rpc server.



# If Debian:
$ sudo apt-get install nodejs
# If Arch:
$ sudo pacman -S nodejs
$ sudo npm install termcoin -g
$ termcoin


$ termcoin

Import your bitcoind wallet

$ bitcoind dumpwallet ~/wallet.dump
$ termcoin --import-wallet ~/wallet.dump
# Open our much nicer format:
$ less ~/.termcoin/wallet.json

Example Wallet

  "version": 1,
  "ts": 1402363259,
  "encrypted": false,
  "compressed": true,
  "balance": "0.10981134",
  "accounts": [
      "address": "1Lzcrow4haAm6j4vyKhMeFQdHcaE1VbjTc",
      "label": "main",
      "priv": "L2bka1uvakQDLabdoPuYEwtTd8a416fjhHyEq99nmaDYeuotsfeG",
      "pub": "nFB3c1yquakfoEE1A98q1HX9hjCp3kAx3a5UHeNvfwMj",
      "balance": "0.00993134",
      "tx": 32
      "address": "1Q3tMMNWdu3pqqhc3Hdt3L5gS26P7FdtyD",
      "label": "secondary",
      "priv": "L2ACa1uvakQDLabdoPuaEwtTd8a416fjhHyEq99nmaDYeuotsfHf",
      "pub": "hY29VUa4xfrs4vDUd4aF3cjkMoH5xegU6VzGNBqjTtCm",
      "balance": "0.09488",
      "tx": 10
      "address": "1BKrkLFuyM8BsS5DuwrhPXKc8uFYmsCAAn",
      "label": "test",
      "priv": "L2KEa1uvakQDLabdoPuuEwtTd8a416fjhHyEq99nmaDYeuotsEya",
      "pub": "26srZooFArAzwtQiiQx9LZWTaCupwoVS6QTdQ7CX3QyGa",
      "balance": "0.005",
      "tx": 5
  "recipients": {
    "195cjSkBUZtpw7ue7mTB6MheP8c3wLkaJe": "noodles",
    "1RVx9Ezsa3zSMc1QteHnaiTXJ64foyAGe": "maxie"

Dump your wallet to the standard format

$ termcoin --dump-wallet
$ bitcoin importwallet ~/wallet.dump

Other cryptocurrencies

termcoin by default tries to connect to the rpc server in ~/.{coin}/{coin}.conf, but it can also be specified directly:

$ termcoin http://coinrpc:foobar@localhost:8332/

To explicitly use for other cryptocurrencies (this will sadly use litecoind, rather than a native litecoin implementation):

$ termcoin -c litecoin


  • Runs in a terminal. Possible to use over ssh. Easier than using bitcoind directly.
  • No compilation required.
  • No 20gb blockchain download required.
  • Easy wallet management (does it get easier than a json file?)
  • Can optionally use bitcoind as a backend, which means it is also possible to use with litecoin/namecoin/dogecoin/etc.

Optional External Dependencies

These aren't necessary, but they might make things nicer for you.

  • qrencode - for QR codes rendered in your terminal.
  • xsel/xclip - clipboard support for X11.
  • pbcopy - clipboard support for OSX.


  • BTC: 14UwZi7hY2gQKUvA1Poz7vyxK9SzwAJ6CR
  • LTC: Lg2FyTZn1YRGMUAbL5xYhmjiCZvWM6f2Z1
  • DOGE: DAwtjssd9y3HQp5vTXqZhsdshxkDzDXoRT
  • COYE: 5Vqi6WYbK6fixQ4A1ypiJZXJtJkMBnAfpu

Dislaimer and Note

It is your own responsibility to backup and keep your wallet/privkeys safe. The termcoin developer(s) will not be responsible if your coins are lost, deleted, or stolen.

Termcoin automatically makes a backup of your wallet every time you write to it. Keep this in mind when encrypting it.

Contribution and License Agreement

If you contribute code to this project, you are implicitly allowing your code to be distributed under the MIT license. You are also implicitly verifying that all code is your original work. </legalese>


Copyright (c) 2014, Christopher Jeffrey. (MIT License)

See LICENSE for more info.

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