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Tere - Simple Javascript Test Driven Development ( QUnit )

If you already have a QUnit test page ready, you can use Tere to see the test results in all the browsers you attach to it by simply opening the "Running on" url.


  • Attach any browser by opening the "Running on" url.
  • Watch folder to rerun tests. ( Folder path and file name RegExp )
  • Reload all browsers attached to the url of one of them.


npm install -g tere

Basic Usage

tere -u http://localhost/myQUnitTestPath

The next 3 lines will appear in your terminal:

Running on: http://localhost:8001/myQUnitTestPath
Watching files in /CurrentFolderPath
Matching this RegExp /.*\.js$/i

Now you can open the "Running on" url in several browsers and see the test results in the terminal.

Full Usage

tere -u [ url ] -d [ path to folder ] -f [ RegExp ]


-u : Your QUnit test page url
-d : Path to the folder you want to watch
-f : RegExp to filter files you want to watch