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Easily create temporary emails and fetch their inbox.

Usage & Installation

npm install tempmail

to use the CLI interface, install globally with -g

From the command line

./tempmail <provider> [emailAddress]
  • Specifying only a provider will create a new temporary email address.
  • Specifying a provider + email will return the inbox (in JSON format).


        "from": "John Smith<>",
        "to": "",
        "subject": "sample subject",
        "date": "just now",
        "content": "\n\t <p>3434234</p>\n\t"
    { /* another email message ... */ }

As a Node.js module

It follows the same concept, and returns the inbox array vs. a JSON representation of it.

var tempmail = require('tempmail');
var provider = ''; // or '' 
// Create a new temporary email {
    console.log('new temporary email', tempEmail);
    // Retrieve emails from an email address 
    return tempmail.get(provider, tempEmail);
}).done(function (inbox) {
    console.log('The inbox (empty array - no emails sent yet)');


Providers are services that provide temporary emails.