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Tool for merging HTML templates between front and back end. Uses Inquirer to prompt you with a series of questions, then launches Beyond Compare folder comparison with customized settings to aid you when merging.


$ npm install --save-dev template-tango

Install Beyond Compare on the command line

To make use of Folder Compare, install Beyond Compare (an awesome diffing GUI for Windows and Mac) and add it to the command-line.


var tt = require("template-tango").default
    // Optionally override the clone destination directory. Otherwise it will default to the temp directory for your OS. 
    // cloneDest: 'C:/Users/johnnydepp/Desktop/my-clones/',  
    // Optionally override the Beyond Compare path Otherwise it will default to 'C:/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/BCompare.exe' 
    // beyondComparePath: 'C:/Program Files/Beyond Compare 4/BCompare.exe', 
    // back end config 
    backEnd: {
        , extension: ".cshtml" // template file extension (.Net will usually be ".cshtml") 
        , pagesDir: "Views/" // directory where your pages are kept (.Net will usually be "Views/") 
        , modulesDir: "Components/" // directory where your UI module (aka component/widget) templates are kept 
        , pageExclusions: ["Views/About/*.cshtml"] // glob pattern of files to exclude 
        , subDir: "" // perhaps you have your templates inside a nested directory within your pages and UI modules? .Net will usually be empty string 
        , completeCB: function() { // option for callback when copy is complete, before Beyond Compare is launched (maybe for final manual refactoring) 
            console.log("back to front complete");
    // front end config 
    frontEnd: {
        , extension: ".vash" // Your front end project might be using "Vash" razor templates (see npm "vash-static" and "gulp-vash-static") 
        , pagesDir: "Pages/" // You might have a completely different folder structure on the front end for your page templates 
        , modulesDir: "Widgets/" // You might have a completely different folder structure on the front end for your UI module (aka component/widget) templates 
        , moduleExclusions: [] // glob pattern of files to exclude 
        , subDir: "tmpl/" // perhaps you have your templates inside a nested directory within your pages and UI modules? Add the directory here so they still compare side-by-side correctly 
        , completeCB: function() { // option for callback when copy is complete, before Beyond Compare is launched (maybe for final manual refactoring) 
            console.log("back to front complete");
    // (optional) maps page and module names that differ between front and back end 
    // because sometimes the names on back end have to be different to front end (or refactoring after a name change is a pain in the butt) 
    nameMap: {
        pages: [{ backEnd: "DashboardPage/Home", frontEnd: "Dashboard/tmpl/Index" }],
        modules: [{ backEnd: "AppNav/Index", frontEnd: "TopNav/tmpl/TopNav" }]
    //, skipBCConfirm: true // use this to skip the first question asking you if you have Beyond Compare installed 
}, function() {
    console.log("Now do other stuff for your production build");

Complex Usage

For more examples of complex usage see 'src/_example-1' and 'src/_example-2'. Covers scenarios such as comparing a front end that has a mutli-tier folder structure, to a back end that has no folder structure and just matching file names (and visa-versa).

Ignore comments

The settings inside deps/BCSettings.bcpkg contain custom grammar for '.cshtml' and '.vash' files, which tells Beyond Compare to ignore eveything between these comment blocks:

Outside razor logic


Inside razor logic



Only Windows 10 has been tested. OSX will potentially be supported in future.


The most recent version on NPM Bombom was broken, so I've had to hack it a bit to get it to work. Currently lives inside "deps/bombom". Bombom is a library that adds a BOM (Byte Order Mark) to the beginning of files, so that files created in Visual Studio don't appear as different to regular files when being compared in Beyond Compare.


Edit "src/_example-1" with your own local paths, the run npm run example-1 to see this app in action.


Unit tests can be run just by running gulp, which will compile TypeScript and then run the tests.


If you need to add TypeScript typings, add them to "typings.json" and run npm run typings.