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    Enhanced command manager for Telegraf.js


    • Compatible with the latest Telegraf.js 4.x version
    • Typescript support
    • Support edited messages and replies.
    • Delete old bot replied using in-memory caching or you can set your own custom cache store.
    • Set which users are allowed to run a specific command.
    • Set command to run on a specific chat type(e.g. private only) or update-type(e.g. photos only).
    • Customizable argument parser.
    • Reply to the last cached bot reply if user send the same command (useful for less database queries and less chat distracting for large bot messages)
    • ...and more


    npm i telegraf-encommands


    Basic command
    import {TelegrafEncommands} from "telegraf-encommands";
    const bot = new Telegraf(process.env.BOT_TOKEN);
    const commands = TelegrafEncommands(options);
    // using default configurations
    commands.on("test", ({ ctx, args }) => {
        return ctx.reply("hello from command test");
    Command on target message type
    // reply with width and height of photo
    commands.create("photo", {
        subTypes: ["photo"],
        required: false,
        handler: ({ ctx, data }) => {
            return ctx.reply(`${data[0].width}x${data[0].height}`);
    // all files
    commands.create("file", {
        subTypes: ["photo", "sticker", "video", "voice", "audio", "document"],
        required: false,
        handler: ({ ctx, data, type }) => {
            const info = JSON.stringify(data, null, 2);
            return ctx.replyWithMarkdownV2(`${type}: \`${info}\``);
        oninvalid(reason, ctx, next) {
            if (reason == InvalidCommand.INVALID_MESSAGE_TYPE) {
                return ctx.reply("File is required")
            return next()
    Set command only for allowed users
    commands.create("secret", {
        required: false,
        allowedUsers: ["username"],
        handler: ({ ctx }) => {
            return ctx.reply(`secret`);
    Use replied_to_message as command query
    commands.create("echo", {
        required: false,
        useRepliedTo: true,
        handler: ({ ctx, reply_to, query }) => {
            if (reply_to) {
                return ctx.reply(`reply: ${query}`);

    refer to ./example.js


    const commands = new TelegrafEncommand({
        // where to store cached message, should have set, get, and delete.
        // default is Map(in memory)
        cacheStore: Store,
        // specify time of caching in second
        replyCacheAge: number,
        // default command options
        defaults: {
            // require arguments to run this command
            required: boolean,
            // define help message when required=true and the arguments is empty, next() will be called when undefined
            helpMessage: string,
            // a function called to parse raw query called with (query, options)
            parser: parseArgs,
            parserOptions, // parser options passed to the above function
            // list of user allowed to run commands. passing undefined will allow all users
            allowedUsers: string[],
            // where to allow commands to run
            mode: "both" | "private" | "group",
            // re-run command when user edit their message
            allowEdited: true,
            // allow using replied_to_message as query when reply with a command. this only works when command invoked with no arguments
            useRepliedTo: true,
            // store bot replies and delete them when reply to edited message
            deleteOldReplies: true,
            // cache messages with size specified below
            largeResponseCache: true,
            minResponseSize: 10,
            // runs when trying to run this command with invalid input (empty arguemnts, invalid chat type or message type, user not allowed)
            oninvalid(reason, ctx, next)
    // register the middleware
    // create command with default configs
    commands.on("test", onCommandTest)
    // create command with custom options
    commands.create("test", {
        required: true,
        helpMessage: "this is a help message",
        handler: onCommandTest,
        // more options in src/types.ts
    // handler for the command
    function onCommandTest(params) {
        // Available paramaters :
        //  ctx : Telegraf context object
        //  command: command name
        //  query: raw query
        //  args: parsed arguments if exists
        //  message: message object from context object
        //  type: message type
        //  data: data related to the type of message
        //  reply_to: replied to message same as message.reply_to_message
        //  isEdited
        //  next, telegraf next function
        const {command, query, args} = params
        // bot reply should be returned in order for deleteOldReplies to work
        // if the returned value is false. it will pass next()
        return ctx.reply("command executed")


    npm i telegraf-encommands

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