Abstraction layer between Twilio and Plivo.

Telcom Node.js

Node.js library for abstracting the difference between Twilio and Plivo. To start only sms is going to be supported.

telcom is available as an npm package. Install the latest version with:

npm install telcom
var TelcomClient = require('telcom');
var clientTwilio = new TelcomClient({
  provider : 'twilio',
  sid : 'ACCOUNT_SID',
  token : 'AUTH_TOKEN'
  to : "+15551234567",
  from : '+15551234568',
  body : 'Hello from Telcom'
    console.log("Failed to send message")
    console.log("Message Sent")
  • Twilio - twilio
  • Plivo - plivo

telcom is licensed under the MIT License.