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Lookup the carrier and sms / mms gateway email addresses for a given phone number through a variety of services.

Installation & Usage

npm install --save tel-carrier
'use strict';
var TelCarrier = require('tel-carrier')
  , telCarrier
// you can get 15 free lookups with the demo account 
// per ip address per 30 day period 
telCarrier = TelCarrier.create({
  service: ''
telCarrier.lookup('5551234567', function (err, info) {

Example Output

{ number: '5551234567'
, wireless: true
, carrierComment: 'Verizon Wireless'
, carrier: 'verizon'
, smsGateway: ''
, mmsGateway: ''
, updated: 0

If updated exists it will be a timestamp in milliseconds.


  • tel-carrier-cache


This is a slightly massaged local copy of

Tracks Ported Numbers: NO

This service is updated every few months and is usually accurate.

Tracks Ported Numbers: NO

{ service: "" }

Submit bugs to this repo if the sms and mms gateways are incorrect.

Requires an account. You can make 25 lookups for free.

Tracks Ported Numbers: YES

{ service ""
, username: "your-user-name"
, password: "your-password"

You get 15 free lookups per ip address per 30 days.

The service is updated daily.

Tracks Ported Numbers: YES

{ service: "" }

Without an account you can lookup 5 numbers for free.

{ service: "" }

Note: there's an API key or a username / password, but their api sign-up didn't work when I tried.

Not Yet Implemented{#api_key}&number={#phone_number}