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Technical Chart Analysis

A visual, technical analysis and charting library built on D3. Build interactive financial charts for modern and mobile browsers.

Examples Gallery

TechanJS utilises D3's reusable chart API pattern and currently supports a range of static and interactive plots.

Static Plots

Interactive & Dynamic Plots


Getting Started

Manual Download

Download the latest release


npm install --save techan

Bower Dependency

bower install --save techan

Build From Source

Cloning and building the base project:

git clone
cd techan.js
npm install
# Then to build 
npm test
# OR 

Build From Source With Examples

Cloning the project with all examples and usage:

git clone --recursive
cd techan.js
npm install
npm start

Once running browse to http://localhost:8000/examples/ to see examples using the remote (development stable) techanjs and d3. Alternatively browse to http://localhost:8000/build/examples/ for the same examples using the locally built techanjs and bower obtained d3 but be aware that the examples are built to work with the latest, development stable version of techanjs located at Expect that HEAD of master will contain unstable features under development. They may not always be compatible with all the examples. I will attempt to keep the release tags functional together with correctly referenced examples.


Run techan.js in a consistent environment using Docker. To see the examples, all submodules are required (recursive clone or update, init) locally.

NOTE: On build the project is copied into the docker image and as such any changes made will not be refreshed into a running container.

git clone --recursive
cd techan.js
docker build -t andredumas/techan.js .
docker run --rm -it -p 8000:8000 andredumas/techan.js

As above, browse to http://localhost:8000/examples/ to see the examples.


npm i techan-js


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