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TeamCity Raspberry Pi Notifications

A simple TeamCity notification client for the Raspberry PI. Provides support for notifications via the Speaker and lighting control.


You will need to copy settings.sample.json to a new file called "settings.json" and update it to include your TeamCity Specific information.


The core concept behind the project is based around Teams, where each team has a single owner, and a set of projects that they are working on (that needs to be monitored). Each team is also associated to a "Good Light" and a "Bad Light". Good light is triggered with the build is good, and the bad light when the build is broken.

Right now, for audio notifications it leverages a module "node-tts-google", which relies on node-speaker; which has issues running on Windows (basically stalls); so we disable audio notifications when this app is run on windows.

Also, if you want the light automation portion to be working, this must be run on a Rasberry Pi.

See for light <-> pin setup for each project.

Getting started

  • Copy settings.sample.json to a new file called settings.json
  • Update settings.json to be appropriate for your TeamCity installation and team/project structure.
  • Plugin your lights (or relay switches) to the GPIO pins as described here:
  • Update settings.json to indicate the good/bad pins for each "goodLight"/"badLight"
  • Deploy script to a Raspberry Pi
  • ssh into your pi
  • run:
  • npm install
  • git clone git://
  • cd quick2wire-gpio-admin
  • make
  • sudo make install
  • sudo adduser $USER gpio
  • Finally execute our script by:
  • sudo node client.js