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    A simple and transparent config file loader for Nodejs applications.


    npm i tconfig


    const conig = require('tconfig');
    console.log( config ); // your config object


    // file: xyz.js
    ▾ app/
        ▾ config/
           default.js     // port = 3000
           production.js  // port = 4000
    console.log( require('tconfig') );

    Simple case

    hari@hari-VirtualBox:~app$ node xyz.js 
    { port: 3000 }

    Read additional config based on NODE_ENV variable.

    If we specify NODE_ENV=xyz then, config/xyz.js will overide the values from default.js. Overriding is a deep merge

    hari@hari-VirtualBox:~app$ env NODE_ENV=production node xyz.js 
    { port: 4000 }

    Set any configuration variable using Environtment variable.

    By setting an Environtment variable '=', we can set config[key] as value.

    ** First we will try to parse value as json. It it is failed value will be treated as string **

    ** If a values if parsable as JSON object, then it will be deep merged with default configuration ** Default prefix is TC_ ( Can be changed by setting TC_PREFIXenv variable) For eg:

    • TC_port will set config.port
    • TC_a.b.c will set config.a.b.c
    • TC_a='{"a":{"b":{"c": 123546 }}}' will also set config.a.b.c
    • TC_port=8000 will set { port: 8000 } By default, number will parsed as json number.
    • TC_port='"8000"' will set { port: '8000' } ( now port is a string because double quoted value will be parsed as string in json )
    hari@hari-VirtualBox:~app$ env NODE_ENV=production TC_db.mysql.user=root node xyz.js 
    { port: 4000, db: { mysql: { user: 'root' } } }
    Use custom env prefix.

    default prefix can be changed using Environtment variable by setting TC_PREFIX Environtment variable

    export TC_PREFIX=MYAPP_
    export MYAPP_port=8080
    hari@hari-VirtualBox:~app$ env MYAPP_db.mysql.user=root node xyz.js 
    { port: 8080, db: { mysql: { user: 'root' } } }

    use custom config directory

    config directory can be changed using Environtment variable by setting CONFIG_DIR Environtment variable

    hari@hari-VirtualBox:~app$ env CONFIG_DIR=../config TC_PREFIX=MYAPP_ NODE_ENV=production MYAPP_db.mysql.user=root node xyz.js 
    { dir: '../config', db: { mysql: { user: 'root' } } }

    printing debug messages

    set DEBUG environment variable to tconfig

    export DEBUG=tconfig
    # OR 
    export DEBUG='*'

    Config directory search path

    • Directory pointed by CONFIG_DIR environment variable
    • < directory or main script >/config
    • < current working directory >/config


    npm i tconfig

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