A command line tool for mounting and dismounting TrueCrypt volumes


tcmount lets you save links between truecrypt volumes and mount points, and mount and dismount them easily.

$ npm install -g tcmount

tcmount shows you the list of your defined links, including their ids.

Here is the result of tcmount in an environment with this .tcmount file:

Green files or folders are mounted, yellow are not, and grey do not exist at the time.

tcmount <id> will mount the link with that id.

tcmount -u <id> will unmount the link with that id.

tcmount -l <file> <mountpoint> will create a link from the file to the mountpoint.

tcmount -t <id> will remove the link with that id.

tcmount <file> <mountpoint> can be used to mount a file to a mountpoint without having it in your settings.

tcmount -o <id> will open the link's target folder.

Here is a flow of a few commands:

  • The links data is saved as json in ~/.tcmount
  • No support for key files or hidden volumes.
  • Not tested in Linux.

alias tm='tcmount'
alias tu='tcmount -u'

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