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❌❌❌❌ NOTICE ❌❌❌❌❌

tcmount 1.0.0 was totally rewritten to favor convention over personalization. It no longer manages a personal settings files, and all dependencies have been removed. Please read below (or use the previous release with npm i -g tcmount@0.1.0).



Build Status NPM Version License Dependency Status devDependency Status #### A command line tool for mounting and dismounting TrueCrypt volumes


$ npm install -g tcmount


tcmount <name> mounts ~/.tc/<name>.tc onto ~/<name>, or ~/.tc/<reservedname>.tc to a preset path. One such reserved name is chrome which is mounted on ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome.

Other reserved names can by seen with tcmount -h.

If you need additional presets, open an issue or a pull request and I'll either add it or implement a way to customize presets.

tcmount -u <name> unmounts ~/<name> (or the reserved path).

tcmount -l lists currently mounted volumes.

tcmount -h prints the help screen.

tcmount -v prints the version number.


  • Truecrypt is required
  • No support for key files or hidden volumes.
  • Not tested in Linux.


alias tm='tcmount'
alias tu='tcmount -u'