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    TBA API V3 Client

    An auto generated client for the The Blue Alliance V3 API from the TBA V3 Swagger Document

    The generated file is a Typescript file with Type Definitions for all of the types provided in the TBA V3 API Spec

    Therefore if this is used in any Typescript enabled editor then types will be provided whether it is for type checking in TS files or just ensuring correct spelling in JS files

    This client supports cashing and can be used using either Promises or Callbacks


    npm install tba-api-client

    Usage Examples

    Using Promise

    const TBA = require("tba-api-client")
    const client = TBA.API("{TBA API KEY}")
    client.Teams(2017, 0).then( teams =>{ // Gets the first page of the teams that were active in 2017

    Using Async functions

    const TBA = require("tba-api-client")
    const client = TBA.API("{TBA API KEY}")
    async function main(){
        let teams = await client.Teams(2017, 0) // Gets the first page of the teams that were active in 2017

    Using Callbacks

    const TBA = require("tba-api-client")
    const client = TBA.API("{TBA API KEY}")
    client.Teams(2017, 0, (err, teams) => { // Gets the first page of the teams that were active in 2017
        if(err != null) console.error(err)
        else console.log(teams)

    Using Listeners

    const TBA = require("tba-api-client")
    const client = TBA.API("{TBA API KEY}")
    client.Teams(2017, 0, (err, teams) => { // Gets the first page of the teams that were active in 2017
        if(err != null) console.error(err)
        else console.log(teams)
    }, true) // The last argument Sets this callback to be called every time the server responds with a 202 instead of a 303

    Using the onCashExpire callbacks

    const TBA = require("tba-api-client")
    const client = TBA.API("{TBA API KEY}")
    getMatchesInfo(client.TeamMatches('frc3571', 2018, getPromise => getMatchesInfo(getPromise())))
    function getMatchesInfo(matchPromise){


    After being built, the type definitions will be located in types/genAPI.d.ts

    All function calls are located in in the class API and with names that ware taken from their paths with a minor exception

    The parameters for these function are in the same order as as in their path with optional additional Parameters

    For Example:

    • TeamRobots(team_key) points to /team/{team_key}/robots
    • EventTeamsStatuses(event_key) points to /event/{event_key}/teams/statuses
    • TeamMedia(team_key, year) points to /team/{team_key}/media/{year}
    • TeamMedia(team_key, year) points to /team/{team_key}/media/{year}

    The exceptions comes to:

    • Those that would have the same name
    • And TeamMedia

    For the use of the API check out The API Docs

    Same Name

    Those with the same name have been combined and will give a different result depending on the parameters

    • Teams(page_num) points to /teams/{page_num}
    • Teams(year, page_num) points to /teams/{year}/{page_num}


    This is a combination of three paths:

    • /team/{team_key}/media/{year}
    • /team/{team_key}/media/tag/{media_tag}
    • /team/{team_key}/media/tag/{media_tag}/{year}

    These should have had the names TeamMedia and TeamMediaTag but since combining them would not cause an error and them being similar, it was decided to just combine them and let the parameters decide which path would be used


    This is a standard Promise containing the value of the request


    client.Teams(0).then(teams => {
        // Gets the First page of all Teams using a promise


    This callback contains a function for a new Promise for the same path

    This cashExpire callback is identified by having only a single argument


    client.Teams(0, onExpire =>{
        // This will run when the cache will expire
        onExpire().then(teamLater => { // By calling onExpire a new GET request was made to the same path which will renew the cache
            // This will have the result of the new request
    }).then(teamNow => {
        // This will run once with teamNow having either the value from the cache if it is still fresh or the result of a new request if not


    This is a standard error first callback that can be used instead Promises

    This callback is identified by having two arguments


    client.Teams(2018, 0, (err, teams) => { // Gets the first page of Teams active in 2018
        // Returns with a value from cache if it is fresh or the value from a request if not 
    }, true)


    By setting the parameter after the callback to true, the callback becomes a listener for changes to the values from the path

    To Remove the listener call removeListener(id) where id is what is returned by the function that set the listener


    let teamsID = client.TeamMatches('frc3571', 2018, (err, matches) => { // Sets a listener for team 3571's 2018 matches
        // Runs after the first request is made and when the value changes
    }, true)
    client.removeListener(teamsID) // Removes the listener

    Build Instructions

    1. Clone The Repository
      • The npm package does not contain the generator
    2. Run npm i
    3. Run npm run build


    npm i tba-api-client

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