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A super fast JSDom based Selenium Webdriver API. Write end to end tests once and run them against this super fast, headless browser built on node.js, then once those tests pass you can run them against real browsers in the cloud!

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npm install taxi-rank -g


In a separate terminal, run taxi-rank, then you can use cabbie (or your webdriver client of choice), to connect to this super-fast virtual driver:

import assert from 'assert';
import cabbie from 'cabbie-sync';
// connect to taxi-rank, adding {debug: true} makes cabbie log each method call. 
const driver = cabbie('taxirank', {debug: true});
try {
  // navigate to a url in the currently active window 
  // get an element, and check that its text equals some expected value 
    'Example Domain',
} finally {
  // whether tests pass or fail, dispose of the driver 

You can find full API docs for cabbie at but you can use any webdriver client by simply telling it to conenct to http://localhost:9516