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"Infinite" or "Indefinite" scrolling in a react-based CardTable.

The name Taula comes from the Catalan word for Table.


To use Taula in your code, you can simply do:

const InfiniteTable = require('Taula');

Then, use it like a regular React component.


All properties are optional unless specified otherwise.

  • columnCount (required)
    • the number of columns that are present
  • data (required)
    • contains the data that will be rendered into the table
    • all values are passed through to the customRowComponent, if used
    • Structure:
      • item (object or array)
        • an unstructured place to store the data for a row
        • If you don't provide a customRowComponent, it should be an Array
      • className
        • a className given to the row if customRowComponent isn't used
      • colSpanOverride
        • set as the colspan attribute of each <td>
        • useful if you want, for example, a cell to take up the full row
      • otherProps
        • a dumping ground for other row-implementation-specific properties
      • getMoreRowClasses
        • a function that is used to dynamically calculate styles to apply to the row
        • parameters
          • base: the className passed in in the className property (useful if you have a generic row class)
          • item: the item in the item property (useful for styling based on the data, ex. an overdue style)
          • index: the index of the row in the table as a whole (useful for odd/even striping)
  • chunkSize (required)
    • minimum number of pieces of data to load at a time
    • Taula should accomodate small chunks, but bigger chunks means better performance on the client
  • customRowComponent
    • a React component that will be rendered for each piece of data passed in
    • must return a <tr> as its top level node
  • headerElement
    • a React element that will be used as the table's <thead>
    • should have already been created using React.createElement
    • top level node must be a <thead>
  • columnMetadata (array of objects)
    • useful for providing information about the columns to a customRowComponent
    • for example, could contain formatting info about the cells in each column
  • loading
    • should be set to true while the parent is loading additional (or initial) data
    • when true, a loading message will be shown at the bottom of the table
  • loadingMessage (node)
    • displayed at the bottom of the table when props.loading is true
  • noDataMessage
    • displayed at the bottom of the table if no data has been passed in but the table is no longer loading
  • loadData
    • a function that is used to request more data
    • it accepts a single parameter, bottomIndex
      • bottomIndex indicates that Taula needs the data from [0, bottomIndex)
  • tableClassName
    • a className that is added to the top level component (currently a <table>)