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    Task Language

    Mimicking assembly. Easy to visualize, modify and boost production speed.


    • Event loop? Never heard of that.
    • setTimeout? Why should I use that?
    • Promises? Don't promise something you can't do.
    • Here, let me introduce the task language, aka SWEATSHOP, to you.
    • Simple to use, simple to implement, but most importantly, it's free.

    What's new

      "2.5.2": add RUNMARK()
      "2.5.0": run() can exit on specific mark
      "2.4.3": fix error and silence the SUBTASK EXIT message
      "2.4.1": replace _EXECUTE with SUBTASK
      "2.3.1": support inner jump SKIP within _EXECUTE

    What's Ancient

    Past updates
      "2.2.1": fix error's index
      "2.1.9": minor changes
      "2.1.8": roll back, remove 2.1.7 requirement
      "2.1.7": _CUTINLINE and _EXECUTE only accept array of functions now
      "2.0.1": add "this" binding
      "2.0.0": fix undefined error, ADDLookupCommand and ADDLookup can now be destructured
      "1.8.2": add ADDLookupCommand, change LABOR to accept both string and function
      "1.7.5": add previousResult
      "1.7.4": save the MEMORY if error were catched
      "1.7.3": format, add RESET, RUN() is now rerunnable.
      "1.6.2": add quick INJECT and log function correctly
      "1.5.3": log full args, prevent [Object Object]
      "1.5.2": remove output
      "1.5.1": add _CUTINLINE
      "1.4.1": RUN can start from a specific mark
      "1.3.3": add _EXECUTE, fix JUMP error
      "1.2.2": change error catch behavior
      "1.1.2": add SUBTASK, change error message, add more examples.
      "1.0.1": capitalize method names to be easily distinguishable, and change LABOR.


    Let's just jump into it.

    var { TaskLanguage } = require("tasklanguage");
    let task = new TaskLanguage();
      bingo: (word, w2) => console.log(word + w2)
      task.INJECT((mem, index) => {
      task.INJECT((mem, index) => {
      task.INJECT((mem, index) => {
      task.WAIT(mem => != undefined),
      task.INJECT((mem, index) => {
        if (! return ( = 1); += 1;
      task.JUMPIF((mem, index) => > 5, undefined, "v3"),
      task.LABOR("bingo", "pp ", "hard")
    setTimeout(() => task.SETMemory({ book: "interesting" }), 5000);
    // 1.6.2 & later
    task.ADDCommand((mem, index) => {
      console.log(mem, index);
    // 2.0.0 & later
    let ballRP = (ball = number => console.log("bucket", number));
    ballRP = task.ADDLookup({ ball }).ball;


    ADDCommand(...commands: any)

    add commands to the command list.

    ADDLookup(pairs: { [key: string]: Function })

    add user defined functions to the lookupmap

    ADDLookupCommand(...functions: Function[])

    add user defined functions to the lookupmap

    ADDSignalMap(pairs: {})

    add user defined exit code and message to the signalmap

    SETMemory(pairs: {})

    publicly setting the inner memory for command list

    RUN(indexOrMark: number | string = 0, exits?: number | string)

    running from beginning (index = 0) or specific mark. & exiting on specific mark.

    RUNMARK(...MARKS : string[])

    run specific mark range, end 'til next mark.

    MARK(name: string)

    Generate Marking

    JUMP(indexOrMark: number | string)

    Jump to the mark or the index of the whole commands array

    JUMPIF(condition: (memory: {}, index: number) => any,trueDest?: number | string,falseDest?: number | string)

    condition: function, takes in current MEMORY as first param, current index as second param.

    trueDest: index or mark when condition returned true

    falseDest: index or mark when condition returned false

    INJECT(callback: (memory: {}, index: number) => any)

    callback: function, takes in current MEMORY as first param, current index as second param.

    SUBTASK(...commands: any)

    execute subcommands, shared memory, lookupmap, signalmap, but not MARK

    WAIT(exitCondition: number | ((memory: {}, index: number) => any))

    exitCondition : ms(*1000 to be second) or callback, the condition check rate is every second.


    within _EXECUTE, JUMP to the end

    RESET(clearMemory = false)

    reset the current task progress

    EXIT(exitCode: string, error?: String | Promise)

    exitCode :

    { "-1" : program terminated after finish,
      "-2" : program terminated by user,
      "-3" : program exit with error }

    error: can be self defined string.

    _EXECUTE(...commands: any)

    similar to SUBTASK, but can actually execute commands, Better use it WITHIN a function. replace original with subtask

    _CUTINLINE(...commands: any)

    will use _EXECUTE right after current command.

    LABOR(userKey: string | function, ...args: any)

    userKey: the name of your function that you want to run (MUST BE PREDEFINED)

    args: the arguments of the function.


    the temporary storage of the last result


    npm i tasklanguage

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