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Taser v2

A fork of Nick Ferraro's Taser v2 for the Mentor team

Run taser tests on the attempt directory using the supplied solution directory for tests and configuration


npm install --save danthareja/taser-v2


var taser = require('taser-v2');
  // Queue a browser test to run in Karma 
  .queueTest('student-code/backbone-pond-view', 'solution-code/problems/backbone-pond-view', {}, 'browser')
  // Queue a server test to run in Mocha 
  .queueTest(__dirname+'/sample-student-code/orms-save-user-sequelize', __dirname+'/sample-solution-code/problems/orms-save-user-sequelize', {student: 'ntoscano'}, 'server')
  // Run all queued tests (returns a promise) 
  // Do something with test results 
  .then(function(taseReports) {
    console.log('Tase Reports from Multiple Tests');
  .catch(function(reason) {
    console.log('Graceful error: ', reason);


taser.queueTest(attemptPath, solutionPath, decorator, testType)

Queue a single test internally in Taser

@param {String} attemptPath - The directory under test, with source files
@param {String} solutionPath - The directory with tests and Taser configuration. Holds taser.json
@param {Object} decorator - Extends the test results. Good for test metadata. Put an empty 
@param {String} testType - A string that specifies what type of test this is running; will either be 'server' or 'browser'
@returns {Taser} the taser instance to allow queueTest chain calls

Runs all tests saved in the queue.

@param {number} [options.maxConcurrent] - TEMPORARLY BROKEN. Number of test instances to run concurrently
@returns {Promise} A promise that resolves to an array of all the queued Taser Reports

Testing libraries

Test files are run through browserify before serving them to Karma. This allows us require testing libraries in our test files. Browserify will check for any required module in this repo's node_modules folder. This makes adding new libraries as easy as npm install --save.

Currently available libraries:

  • should
  • sinon


Taser will check the solutionPath for a taser.json config file that describes which script files Karma should load. This is important if the problem in question has library dependencies that need to be loaded before solution files. If no taser.json is provided, it will default to loading <problemName>.js as the source file, and <problemName>.spec.js as the test file.

See solution-code/problems-backbone-pond-view/taser.json for an example.