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    Turn any tap Test object into a promise-resolving thingie

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    If you're using tap for tests, and those test interact with a lot of Promises, sometimes it's nice to be able to do asserts against those objects by resolving them first.

    This will work just fine with any version of tap or tape.

    However, tap version 5.5 or greater is strongly recommended because:

    1. You don't have to .then(function() { t.end() }) if you return a promise from a tap test function, because it groks promises as return values.
    2. The at and stack fields will be set in a useful way in tap 5.5 and higher, so that failures will point at the proper line in your test script, rather than in some obscure place inside this module.

    Use it like so:

    var tapromise = require('tapromise')
    var t = require('tap')
    t.test('whoa lotta promises!', function (t) {
      t = tapromise(t)
      return Promise.all([
        t.equal(promiseToBeTen(), 10),
        t.match(Promise.resolve({ a: 1 }), { a: 1 })

    This has the following effects:

    1. A tapromise object has all the same assert methods as the Test object passed to it.
    2. Every assert method on the tapromise object resolves all Promises passed to it, and returns a Promise.
    3. When all the promises resolve, it runs the assert on the data.

    So, the above code would be equivalent to:

    var t = require('tap')
    t.test('whoa lotta promises!', function (t) {
      return promiseToBeTen().then(function (ten) {
        t.equal(ten, 10)
        return Promise.resolve(true)
      }).then(function (shouldBeTrue) {
        return Promise.resolve({ a: 1 })
      }).then(function (obj) {
        t.match(obj, { a: 1 })

    This reduces a lot of the Promise boilerplate. If you are testing an API that uses Promises extensively to return data (for example, Selenium), then this can be very convenient.

    Note that this means you can't ever test that an object is a Promise, since the tapromise object will resolve everything it receives.


    • tapromise(test, [options]) Returns a tapromise object with methods corresponding to all methods on the tap.Test argument that accept Promises as args and returns a Promise that resolves when the assert has been made.

      • options.exclude A list of method names to expose, but not wrap in promise-resolving behavior. Note that this means those methods will probably execute synchronously and not return a promise.

        You can use this if there are test methods you want to be able to call right away. It's also especially useful if you want to be able to assert that a thing is a Promise, without automatically resolving it.


    npm i tapromise

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