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Tiny RESTful API frameworks - TAPI

  • This is a tiny frameworks for RESTful API applications.
  • TAPI bases on express.js.
  • Designed for applications with express and mongoose, but not depends on mongoose.


npm isntall tapi

Simple Usage

Suppose your files tree like this:


then, in app.js:

var express = require('express')
, tapi = require('tapi')
, mongoose = require('mongoose')
, app = express();


    libs: './lib',
    prefix: '/api/version-1/'

app.api('/user/:id?', '', 'GET');

in lib/controllers/Users.js: = function(req, res, next) {
    this.send(200, this.medol);

in lib/medols/Users.js:

var mongoose = require('mongoose')
, Schema = mongoose.Schema
, UsersSchema = new Schema({
    nickname: String

module.exports = mongoose.model('Users', UsersSchema);

when request '/api/version-1/user/1234', will responses default json format like this:

    "request": "/api/version-1/user/1234",
    "code": 200,
    "message": "OK",
    "data": {
        "nickname": "XXXXXX"
        "_id": [57, 56 ...]

Main Functions


    libs: String,  //dir path of controllers and medols, default "./lib"
    prefix: String //prefix for the dir path of route, default "/"

app.api(route, controller / controller.action [, method])

app.api('/user/:id?', 'Users'); // only controller, default action mapping will be used, see `Actions Mapping` below.
app.api('/posts/:id', '') // no HTTP method, default method 'all'(app.all()) will be used.
app.api('/posts/new', 'Posts.create', 'post');

this.send([code, ]response[, msg])

  • default function for all controllers
  • will format the 'response' data before res.send(), and will call res.send() automatically
  • support ‘JSON' and 'XML' format, see Format below


this.send('All done.'); // default code '200', default message see `Default HTTP Status` below
this.send(404, 'Nothing!');
this.send(500, 'Errors', 'Wrong URL!')


Actions Mapping

	index: 'get',
	latest: 'get',
	create:  'post',
	get: 'get',
	update: 'put',
	patch: 'patch',
	del: 'del'


Format will be get automatically:

format = req.body.format || req.params.format || 'json';

Default HTTP Status

	'200': 'OK',
	'201': 'Created',
	'500': 'Internal Server Error. -- Unkown errors.',
	'401': 'Unauthorized. -- Need to sign in.',
	'402': 'Payment Required. -- Please pay your orders.',
	'403': 'Forbidden. -- No permission to get the response from this request.',
	'404': 'Not Found. -- Can not find your require path.',
	'454': 'Unavailable Method. -- No such method within the api.'