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Wordpress API Universal React Renderer


Work In Progress

Very Work in Progress - Eventually:

// Top level Component for your Wordpress frontend 
import Base from './components/Base'
import Post from './components/Post'
import Page from './components/Page'
export default {
  components: {
    Base, Post, Page
  proxyPaths: ['/robots.txt'],
  siteUrl: ''


Tapestry consumes a config object in the root of the parent project i.e. Shortlist, and outputs a Webpack bundle into /public and starts a node server.


  • Render React components from the server
  • Bundle component tree and serve on the client
  • Hook up WP-API to match routes
  • Head overrides per page with react-helmet
  • Supply default routes
  • Integrate CSS-in-JS framework
  • Access options, menus through WP-API
  • Ability to override loaders - Separate loaders and routes?
  • Ability to override routes
  • WordPress plugin to enable previewing and 'View Post' functionality
  • Hydrate single page store
  • Consider a global store of page, post and archive data
  • Permalink WP-API plugin - integrate into Wordpress Tapestry
  • Handle Redirects
  • Hash client bundle, allow path and name override
  • Provide prod build option for client bundle
  • Define cli interface (