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Browser-based Multiplayer Games with

Platform for building browser-based, distributed simulations/games. This is all possible thanks to the recent explosion of innovation in browser technology, including WebSockets, WebGL, and systems use for communication. They can use anything (WebGL, canvas, jQuery) to render the game.


04-2013: The game is still up, but it is using an older version of the engine.

10-2012: The example game is live. Head on over to


npm install

Docs Coming

There used to be a fair amount of documentation in this README, but it was deleted due to a restructuring of the code. New things have been implemented such as preservation of prototypes when serializing objects and parts of the code did not really fit, such as the FREED 3d stuff.

Additionally, the philosophy of has changed positioning from being a library you build a server around to being a reusable platform that you plug into. The bare elements are still exposed if you want to write your own server, but there is now a sensible default application for you to build your game around if you don't mind.

Fresh documentation will come once the tests and example game have been migrated to the new API, as the migration may have an impact on the API that's ultimately chosen.