Make tap output nicely readable.

This makes node Test Anything Protocol test runner output nicely readable.

To use it, simply npm install tap-prettify and then use the tap-prettify executable instead of tap to run your tests.

Full help documentation for the executable:

    tap-prettify <options> <files>
    Run the files as tap tests, parse the output, and report the results
    If the only file provided is -, this program will prettify the tap stream
    from stdin.
    --stderr    Print standard error output of tests to standard error.
    --gc        Expose the garbage collector to tests.
    --timeout   Maximum time to wait for a subtest, in seconds. Default: 30
    --version   Print the version of node tap-prettify.
    --help      Print this help.

See the tap README for more guidance on how to use tap to write tests.