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Tally is a simple, unobtrusive, design‐led JavaScript template engine for Node.js and browsers.

Currently in alpha and under heavy development. You can play around with it but there is very little documentation and the APIs might change.

Getting started

Check out the Hello Badge series of introductory articles.


Install Tally:

npm install tally

Change to the Tally folder:

cd node_modules/tally/

Start the server:

npm start

Go to http://localhost:3000 and play with the examples.

Web site

The Tally web site is just an instance of the Tally project running on Nodejitsu (exactly what you would see on your local machine if you followed the steps under Installation, above.)

Check it out at:


Tally extends the excellent Distal template engine which is an implementation of the Template Attribute Language (TAL) concept from Zope.

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